No F*ng Way “Alana” is a WOMAN.

This is so WRONG.

Transgender Alana McLaughlin “won” “her” debut in Mixed Marshal Arts. “She” is not the first transgender pretending to be a woman so HE can beat up women, but expect “her” to become a star in this …. sport.

Gimme a break already! That’s a man!

Not only is Alana a man, but he is a Veteran of the United States Army Special Forces & he didn’t start to transition until after he left the Army. So all that muscle mass & bulk & physical training hasn’t gone away. It doesn’t disappear when a man starts taking hormones & declares that he’s a she.

F*ng cheater.

How long before a WOMAN (& no, I won’t say “ciswoman” because that frames women on THEIR terms) is killed in a sporting event by one of these cheating bullies? `


Women deserve their own sports, their own places, their own shelters, their own SEX-BASED rights & privileges. A man who says he’s a woman is NOT a woman & has no place there.

If these guys don’t want to be the men they are, that doesn’t mean they are automatically women. The term “TRANS” has meaning. Why aren’t there transgender sports? Why do these guys have to muscle in on the women?

Gee … maybe because they’re cheating bullies?

The article is in the New York Post. Link here ~~~~~>

10 thoughts on “No F*ng Way “Alana” is a WOMAN.

  1. Reblogged this on Dead Wild Roses and commented:
    Another example of the colonization of female space in society with progressive support. Progressives must be all a flutter as they have enabled the beating of a woman by a man in a supposed ‘fair’ fight.

  2. Absolutely. It is madness. If this kind of thing continues, women’s sports will become meaningless, and within a decade will cease to exist. In the meantime, in violent or heavy-contact sports like this, it will be physically dangerous for women (real ones) to participate if they have to go up against male opponents, especially with his kind of background.

  3. Hello Polly. I assume you read this in the article “Patricio Manuel became the first transgender male to compete in a pro boxing match in the United States when he beat Hugo Aguilar via unanimous decision.” Also this “McLaughlin began training a year ago and was cleared to fight by the Florida State Boxing Commission after having her hormone levels tested, according to ESPN.” She played by the rules, only started training a year ago, and has been transitioning for two years. Her opponent was winning, took the first round causing McLaughlin to be visibly rocked. “The 38-year-old MMA fighter claimed that her critics need to show “some respect” to Provost, who “almost finished me more than once.” I was unable to find the exact limits specified in the MMA Florida’s rules for trans competitors and the pictures I pulled up on the web of the contestants did not list weight / size. From some angles the bicep size of McLaughlin looked more developed and larger than Provost’s. I would need to see the rules on weight classes and such to determine if it was a fair match up. Just saying it was a transitioning person so there is an unfair advantage is not correct. All people have differences in sizes, shapes, abilities, and training levels, even on the same teams the differences in players can be seen. There is a hysteria that trans women win every event in all the sports contest, and that is not true. The data is clear that cis women most always win. Plus the idea that men would transition just to win in a sport really is not happening. It would be like saying a person willing cut off their legs just to be eligible to be in Parasports. Be well. Hugs

  4. There is no such thing as “cis” women. There are only women. I am a woman, I am not a sub category of woman.

    & yes, men are transitioning because it’s easier to win against women & this is definitely happening.

    If transwomen want to be in sports, they need their own designation … not moving in on women. IT IS NOT FAIR TO WOMEN … REAL WOMEN … WOMEN WITH XX CHROMOSOMES.

    My son is in the Army. I know all about how men train in the Army. I know all about how women train in the Army, too. There is no comparison between the two sexes. Gender is NOT the same as sex.

    I am one strong woman but I have never been able to hold my own against ANY man in any kind of a fight … except many a verbal one … but then they always got physical … & then I lost. I always lost. & i have the scars & the broken bones to prove it.

    If this keeps up, there won’t be any women’s sports at all anymore. It’ll all be men.

  5. Hey .. another thing … just because “she” played by the rules doesn’t mean the rules are fair. They are definitely geared toward transwomen … which is to say, towards men. NOT WOMEN.

    • Hello Polly. I also was in the Army. I am sorry you had men knock you around, but I know many women who were able to defeat me in combat, and weapons training. That was the point I was making. Even between men it is not equal in ability and bodies. Take a basketball team and look at the players, there is a large difference in height and muscles between players but that doesn’t make it unfair. I knew a man who felt no women could be as good at something as a man. He was adamant that women shouldn’t ever be in charge or the boss. He felt no women should be in the military because they were too weak for it. He was a really nice guy on everything else, he just had a really negative view of females and it colored his perception of the world. Cis is not a subcategory it is a describer same as any other, it describes the persons characteristic such as tall, short, fat, clumsy, gangly … many more. You say men are transitioning just to win in sports, so there must be data for that right? Must be reports in accredited magazines and papers? Can you cite some for me please, I want to learn about this because my looking it up on Google did not find it. As for sex chromosomes you do know there are more than just xx and xy? There are girls and women who have XY chromosomes. This link has some great reading on the many different combinations of chromosomes.

      Polly I agree with you that gender is not the same as sex. But the fact is we know that what we call male and female are not binary genetically. Just because I have a penis my chromosomes may be different from other people with penises. In the past all you needed to do was to look if something dangled or not. But inside the bodies it still was on a range, not a set M or F. So now we know gender also is on a spectrum. Always has been. Not all men are alike, and not all females are alike, and now we know that male and female don’t depend on what is between the legs.

      Polly I am not trying to diminish your feelings, you have a right to feel how you do. But the data doesn’t back up your assertions. For example the Olympics allowed transgender participants since 2004. Trans people have not won all the events. They have been in the competitions but did not win the metals. Only one non-binary won a gold. The data doesn’t show a number of trans women winning in women’s sports. You say the rules are biased for trans women against non-trans women? That is conspiracy thinking. The rules were written in these cases to be fair for non-trans women and to prevent what you say is happening. In fact the article I was just reading said that as more information / medical science has come forward standards / rules have been changed accordingly. No one wants unfair sports, there is no fun in that. But just because person A loses to person B doesn’t mean that person B cheated or that the situation was unfair.

      Well this is longer than I wanted, and I won’t go on. I just wanted to discuss your points, to let you know I read your reply and took it seriously. I am off to play Xbox before bed. Hugs

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