I want my life back.


Lucky Otters Haven


There hasn’t been one morning since Trump became president that I haven’t woke up with my stomach in knots and my heart racing. It’s impossible to get back to sleep and the first thing I always do is pull up Twitter to find out what the latest calamity is.

I’m edgy with people, edgy at work all the time, edgy with my family.  I can barely function due to the constant nerves.  And it’s all because of the political situation which occupies my mind 24/7 and is growing worse with each passing day.

Self care (which I recommend!) is only a temporary respite from the endless rollercoaster of anxiety, anger, dread, and depression.  Going on vacation helps, but I can’t afford to do that more than once or twice a year.   And even then, in the back of my mind, is the heavy feeling of knowing that soon,  I’ll once…

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Civility Rights



Be polite while we kill you.

Be polite while we erase you.

Be polite while we cage you.

Be polite while we shoot you.

Be polite while we fire you.

Be polite while you’re less than.

Be polite while you’re ground under.

Be polite while you let us walk all over you. Kiss the foot that kicks you. Thank us for our scorn. Be polite. Be polite. Be polite.

Above all, be polite.

Don’t talk about politics. Don’t talk about war. Don’t talk about race. Don’t talk about the inherent inhumanity of ripping children from their mothers’ arms, about drone-bombing villages whose names you don’t even know, about paying someone $8 an hour to scrub toilets…

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A Perpetual War Machine

I couldn’t agree more.

Bracing Views

52504708-6849-4bf7-99db-c88804164a6c Fighting in Kabul in August. The Afghan capital is increasingly under attack by militants, highlighting the lack of Coalition progress in the war (Wakil Kohsar/AFP/Getty Images)

W.J. Astore

Scientists tell us a perpetual motion machine is impossible (that pesky 2nd law of thermodynamics about entropy), but America’s leaders are proving a perpetual war machine is quite possible, as events in Afghanistan prove.  The USA is now entering the 18th year of its Afghan war, with regress rather than progress being the reality of nearly a trillion dollars committed to this war.  At TomDispatch.com, Tom Engelhardt notes that “Though few realized it at the time [in 2001], the American people married war. Permanent, generational, infinite war is now embedded in the American way of life, while just about the only part of the government guaranteed ever more soaring dollars, no matter what it does with them, is the U.S. military.”  At…

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What Do Girl Guides UK, Extreme Porn, and BDSM Have In Common?

“What is apparent to me is that there is a small group of male gender whisperers that have a large financial backing and influence to completely remove women’s and girl’s safety and privacy protections. They are doing this under the guise of ‘transgender equality.’”

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again & again … transgender ideology is the patriarchy on steroids.


In my last post ‘Gender Whisperers’ I talked about transgender ideology permeating organizations, institutions and schools. One such organization, Girl Guides UK, has been infiltrated and, dare I say, infected with the silly notion that humans can change their sex. This unscientific notion has resulted in serious consequences for girls and women and nowhere is this more clear than Girl Guides.

Girl Guides, you would rightly assume, is for girls.

Not any more.

If you are in gender critical and/or radical feminist circles, you’ve probably heard that 2 women volunteers were removed for criticizing GG’s new and ‘inclusive’ transgender policy that allows boys to join and share personal intimate spaces with girls. The Girl Guides also state that they do not have to tell parents whether a biological male will be sharing personal and intimate spaces with their daughters.

Helen Watts was one of the women ‘removed.’


Girl Guides don’t…

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Go Ahead and Celebrate, Wingnuts. Me and Mine Have Work to Do.



You got what you wanted now.

He’ll overturn Roe.

He’ll side with businesses against unions. With wealth against powerlessness.

He’ll help politicians cut your goddamn sacred motherfucking TAXES.

Who cares if he’s a rapist?


Who cares how many women he hurt?

Who cares enough to even FIND OUT how many women he hurt?

You got what you wanted. You got what you wanted so why even bother.

You got what YOU wanted. You screamers outside the clinics. You affluenza-riddled tourists to the idea of America, policing the grocery carts of food-stamp recipients, angrily yelling MAGA at undocumented children. You got YOUR wish.

You selfish bastards. You support this man? You think he’s an imperfect tool of a perfect God? You think all of this is worth it for you to get your heart’s desire?

What even is that desire? To outlaw abortion?…

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Fuck This Sexist Shit by Trelawney Grenfell-Muir


Our whole lives, we are taught to be nice. To be considerate of others. To play fairly. To fess up when we mess up. Do unto others, turn the other cheek, respect your elders, obey the rules.

And for what? For what?

So some hyper-entitled coldhearted sneering rapist fuckheads can cheat and steal and lie and game the system until rape survivors are criminals and rapists are victims, while they rob us all blind, crush our freedoms, and rip away our future?

Fuck this sexist shit.

I am so done with this fucking misogynist society, where the president of the most powerful world empire mocks a rape survivor and laughs about assaulting women.

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