Because it’s just girls & who cares

& it’s like not it’s important like collage football or anything like that.


A conservative rape apologist

Another great essay by Purple Sage.

Purple Sage

This article from the Federalist came across my news feed today and HOLY CRAP. I can’t remember the last time I saw such a horrific rape apologist train wreck. Conservative writer Suzanne Venker essentially argues that men want sex more often than women and therefore it’s women’s inevitable duty to just lie there and take it whether we want it or not.

Get your barf bucket ready before proceeding!

We Need To Admit That Men Need Sex More Than Women Do

“When it comes to sex, men and women have very different needs. This used to be something people understood (my mother told me as much when I was young, although I didn’t believe her), but in a culture that insists the sexes are “equal,” as in the same, that understanding has vanished. As a result, so has any sympathy for men’s unique sexual desire.”

Who says that men and…

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