It is Unlawful and Unethical To Have Males in Female Prisons

& yet, we are continually told that transwomen are real women & that this kind of thing never happens & could never happen because transwomen are women. Circular logic in a magical thinking world.

Dead Wild Roses

   Canadians need to be exposed to the end product of inducting the concept of gender identity into Charter and laws.  The end result is that we have incarcerated male rapists in female prisons.  It is the ultimate expression of placing the feelings of males above the *safety* of females in our society.
   This is not about ‘being kind’ or being inclusive.  This is ignoring the reality we all share for some kind of gender fucking fantasy land where what people say about themselves MUST be accepted by everyone around them.  Our internal perception of ourselves is precisely that – it is ours – and there should be no expectations of others to abide with said perception.
  Our laws must deal with the world as it is, not the world as individuals want to perceive it if we value the notion of a just and fair Canadian society…

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Identity politics and transgender: John Rees and Counterfire (Part 2)

Part two of this important must-read.

freer lives

John Rees, a leading member of Counterfire, has written a very useful article about identity politics, the political establishment and the left.

Part 1 of this Freer Lives piece looked at what he said about the political establishment – the elite servants of the capitalist class. Rees points out that the main, neoliberal wing of the establishment has adopted identity politics in tokenistic but prominent ways, to re-legitimise itself in the age of austerity. This has vastly extended the impact of identity politics while also discrediting it in the minds of some workers, and this reaction has been channelled and exploited by the traditionalist, conservative wing of the elite. Neither side has anything to offer working people, but both use identity politics to divide us.

Rees treats the debates over transgender issues as simply one example of these divisions.

This is an enormous advance on the positions of groups…

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Identity politics and transgender: John Rees and Counterfire (Part 1)

Another must-read. Part one of a two-part series.

freer lives

Britain’s rulers endorse trans ideology, as part of their wider embrace of identity politics, says Marxist John Rees, a leading member of Counterfire. (Establishment ideological contradictions and the left 29 November 2021).

The “the rainbow of minorities”, he says, find support from most “of the political establishment, parts of the broadcast media, the NGO universe, the Human Resources departments of most public and private institutions” and from “much of the Labour Party and trade-union bureaucracy,” the establishment’s “labour movement echo chambers.” This support is, of course, tokenistic. So, for example, black people are “visually prominent in prospectuses and publicity, celebrated in black history month, and promoted in public,” but not given resources to deal with discrimination. But this tokenism helps the establishment re-legitimise itself after decades of austerity.

A minority within the establishment, Rees says, replaces tokenism with right wing populism, taking “a more traditional, often socially conservative…

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Pertinent Research: “Reconsidering Informed Consent for Trans-Identified Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults” (2022)

This is a long read but a MUST-READ.

Navigating by Shadow

(Wikimedia Commons)

A thorough consideration of the evidence-to-date regarding the ethics and efficacy of trans procedures.


“Assessing mental health and the minor’s functionality is one of the reasons why rapid affirmative care may be dangerous for patients and their families. For example, when situations involve autism, learning disorders, sexual abuse, attachment problems, trauma, separation anxiety, previous depressed or anxious states, neglect, low IQ, past psychotic illness, eating disorders or parental mental illness, clinicians must choose between ignoring these potentially causative conditions and comorbidities and providing appropriate treatment before affirmative care (D’Angelo et al., 2020) . . .

It is well-recognized that brain remodeling proceeds through the third decade of life, with the prefrontal cortex responsible for executive function and impulse control the last to mature (Katz et al.,2016). The growing number of detransitioners who had been old enough to legally consent to transition, but who no…

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The Emperor’s New Gender Clothes – JCJ on ‘Lia’ Thomas.


Dead Wild Roses

“What was going through Weyant’s [second place female] head as she was trying to chase down Thomas? That’s something that would be interesting to get from the competitor. We do know that Thomas left her own Penn teammates in tears as they prepared to race the biological male all the while knowing they were about to be destroyed by Thomas.

“They feel so discouraged because no matter how much work they put in it, they’re going to lose. Usually, they can get behind the blocks and know they out-trained all their competitors and they’re going to win and give it all they’ve got,” a Penn swimmer told OutKick in December.

Weyant clearly gave it all she had Thursday night. ESPN’s Rowdy Gaines saw it. The swimming world saw it. And yet it was Thomas flat-out stealing the 500 freestyle national championship from a biological female because the spineless NCAA wouldn’t…

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Advocates Protecting Children: Speaking Reality is Kindness



There’s No “True Trans”: Suggesting Otherwise Undermines Our Message

Those of us who are gender critical come from all walks of life: conservatives and liberals, Christians, Atheists, Muslims, Jews. Men and women from all over the globe are fighting to protect women and children from transgender ideology.

Because of our differences, we don’t agree on everything. Sometimes we don’t even agree about what we are fighting against or what our messaging should be. What we do all agree upon is that transgender ideology is harming our society by encouraging those with gender dysphoria to dissociate from themselves and create a new persona.

It is important to be compassionate towards those who have been inducted into the cult of trans, but we must also hold a firm line on truth. Most of us recognize that those who have adopted a transgender identity are victims of an insidious ideology that has metastasized…

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Transgenderism Is A Lie – Douglas Murray

I really like what he says about being forced to participate in LIES. When I was living in a domestic violence situation & actively being abused, one of the things I had to do was agree to my abuser’s lies or be beaten when I pointed out his lies … if I agreed, everything was OK. I HATE LIES. To me, agreeing that “transwomen are women” & using “preferred pronouns” are LIES & I cannot & will not do that. Honesty has always been my policy. This is not about being polite.

Dead Wild Roses

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Pronouns are for Everyone – Don’t Accept the First Lie


Dead Wild Roses

There is nothing kind about affirming the magical pronouns of others. Reinforcing the detachment from reality in others is quite the opposite of being kind.

There is nothing kind about endorsing the idea that if a man calls himself, by ‘she/her’ pronouns then suddenly he becomes an adult human female. This is not possible as human beings, in the vast majority, grow down one of two developmental pathways. Either you produce (or have the potential to) large immobile gametes, or you produce small mobile gametes and the related bio-mechanical infrastructure necessary to potentially pass your genetic material on to the next generation – also known as being female or male.

Sex is immutable in the human species and does not change regardless of how strongly you happen to believe in gender identity magic.

So, by not using the wrong pronouns for males and females you make the statement that you…

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