The Damage Has Already Been Done


OK, so DeJoy says he’s going to “suspend” the “cost-cutting” changes he’s enacted to “save” the postal service?  Really?

So fucking what?  The damage has already been done.

It’s like when your old man has beat the shit out of you & he’s stopped to get a beer & he passed out on the couch while drinking it.  OK – you got a pass this time – you didn’t sustain any true life-threatening injuries – no broken bones & no bruises that will show – BUT – you’re going to be hurting for the next week or ten days or however long it takes to get over this particular beating.   Meanwhile, you’re in pain because of all the cruel things he said & the entire situation you’re in.

Ever since this president was elected, it’s felt like being in an abusive relationship, but this postal situation is really getting to me.  & DeJoy’s statement that he’s going to stop just made me madder than ever.

Let me tell you again: THE DAMAGE HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE.

In terms of people trusting the postal service, it’s shot.  It’s been wavering ever since GW Bush put those stupid pre-pay plans for the postal pension & health funds in 2006 ( … in spite of the title of this article, GW didn’t break the post office, but he did wound it).   The service has been slow ever since then.  But now … it’s taking weeks for mail to arrive, mail that should only take a day or two.  People like me, who use the postal service ALL THE TIME, are now walking their mail to local locations JUST TO MAKE SURE IT GETS THERE … & I don’t mean just in a timely manner, I mean MAKE SURE IT ACTUALLY GETS THERE.

Email is great & package services like Fed-Ex & UPS are wonderful for large things like rugs & furniture but the postal service handles almost everything else & people like me depend on that service.  I don’t need some jerk-off with conflicts of interest ( killing off what’s left of a PUBLIC SERVICE.

Let me say it straight:  Government is not a business.  It’s not SUPPOSED to make a profit.  It’s supposed to SERVE THE PEOPLE.

Sick of being abused by these businessmen in charge of everything.




Juan Cole nails it

I read “Informed Comment” daily updates ; one of the many online newspapers that I read on a regular basis.   People, Juan Cole really nails it with this article published 08/11/2020.  It’s called “How did Americans Become Such Wimps? Silence as Trump kills tens of Thousands, Destroys Social Security and Post Office, Plots Election Fraud.”

I’ve been saying a LOT of this stuff for years now.  In fact, the other day, I was flagged for “hate speech” on Facebook for saying that 30% of the American electorate are “stupid”.  (Yeah, really).  I mean … they voted for Donald Trump, isn’t that a given?  How is that hate speech?  It’s just pointing out a fact.

Anyway, here’s the link ~~~~>    Give it a read!  I’m sure you’ll agree with Cole, just like I did.

Radical Individualism ….

An article from Digby.  I agree with everything except the last paragraph:

“As for the young people who insist on partying, it’s got nothing to do with individualism with them either. It’s the message that it’s only old and sick people who get hit and their sense of immortality. I’m honestly not sure what to do about that. It’s true that the odd are they won’t get very ill or die from this disease but it’s also true that they’re spreading it around to people who will. I don’t know how you can make people care about their fellow humans. These people obviously don’t.”

Maybe it’s different in other cities, but here in Buffalo, there’s as many old people partying as young people.  They’re usually out earlier in the day but they’re out there partying.  I see bars that are PACKED.  Inside the bar & out on the patios.  Believe me, they’re not kids drinking in these establishments.  Maybe they act like kids but they’re not!

& I’ll wager that it’s the same in other parts of the country, too.  You can’t tell me that they’re not tossing back the beers on the golf courses of Florida.  Or mixing up vodka slushies in the blender around the pool at the 55+ apartment complex in Tennessee.   People like to party, no matter what their age is.  It makes this miserable life so much more bearable.

Other than that, it’s true that young people think they’re always going to be young.  But as someone who just turned 60, I know that mentality persists even into your elder years, even as the body obviously ages.  As to how to make people care for other people, well, if that’s not taught to children at very young ages, I don’t know if they will ever learn.   Observing how modern parents treat their children – as if they were the center of the universe – I don’t see how they would ever learn to care about anyone other themselves.

I understand why old people want to get wasted.  Especially now.

Like all Digby articles, it’s a very good read.  Link here ~~~~>

Teachers as lab animals ~ Digby

THIS IS SO WRONG. In the so-called wealthiest nation in the world, this should not be happening. People should be given the resources to stay safely at home & students should be given EVERYTHING they need to learn from home. & we should have an administration & a president that cares enough to make sure this happens, not his damn reelection or his ratings (or himself). I was almost crying at the end of reading this, I was so angry.  THIS IS SO DAMN WRONG.

Read the article here ~~~ >