& now this

Men dressed in women’s clothing going to gyms & leering at the women. Like we all said this wasn’t going to happen … because it’s been happening forever, but now we can’t do anything about it because of “transphobia” & having to protect transwomen’s fragile feelings … or else. We all know that “or else”.

link here ~~~~~> https://www.noconflicttheysaid.org/post/women-only-gyms-now-unable-to-keep-out-leering-men

7 thoughts on “& now this

  1. Hello Polly. No citation and it was posted as anonymous women. As I have pointed out with the Korean spa fake incident it was made up to gin up outrage. In that case the highly religious complainant wanted to protest something that was not happening, so she pretended it did. Got people so worked up that a man stabbed a woman twice. I have never seen a verified incident of a trans women acting in an aroused or sexual nature in any womans facility. Hugs

    • Well, this is happening all the time. Women are being raped in prisons now, in both the US & Canada. & when I was a young stripper back in the 80’s, we had a few trans coming into the club, saying they were women & then flashing their dicks in the dressing room … this is an old story. I remember my friend Mary telling one that she was gonna shove his “girl dick” down his “man throat” … we all laughed … Mary was twice the size of this small trans woman … she would have done it too.

      Just because you have never heard about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

      I have nothing against trans people at all. But I am all for women-centered spaces. & I don’t understand why trans people don’t agitate for their OWN spaces. Stop moving in on women’s spaces.

      Hugs, honey, thanks for reading.

    • Have you considered that it was posted as anonymous because women are routinely attacked by TRA’s as being “transphobic” as “TERFS” & threatened with violence because they ONLY want their OWN spaces away from MEN … it doesn’t matter if the man “feels” like a woman or “identifies” as a woman or whatever silliness he may think about himself.

      Whether it’s an attack online or an attack in real life, women have a right to protect themselves.

      So yeah … I get that this was posted anonymously & I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THAT.

      You don’t have that problem. You’re on the side of the men pretending to be women. Get real, Scottie. You don’t pretend to be anything other than what you are … why are you on the side of the trans-ideologists? They’re NOT gay, they’re NOT lesbian, they’re not even BI … (I’m BI, I know what I’m talking about). They just want to FUCK THINGS UP FOR WOMEN.

      If they didn’t, they would go about their business & LEAVE US ALONE & CREATE THEIR OWN SPACES.

  2. Hello Polly. Sorry I did not see your reply and I am very tired today. But I see I do have issues to answer with regards to this subject. One came across my pad this morning while I was at the dentist, and I hope to find it again as it was really what the whole trans issue comes down to. If I cannot find it again please remind me. This is an important conversation. I am not minimizing your view at all. In fact on the sports issue, I have the solution.

    But let’s take your reply line by line. You ask if it is possible that the complaining people are being attacked by those they are complaining about. Really? that is the argument you want to bring. I as a gay man are hiding myself because as a gay man I will be attacked if I am open about how I am attacked?

    Polly it seems that some time ago you were part of a singular culture of the strip club where people were assholes. You are not wrong for hating their actions, I am a gay male and I don’t want people coming up to me in a business setting waving their dicks. But i think you are taking that too far.

    Polly let me be as clear as possible anyone attacked has the right to defend themself. There is a difference though between what someone feels is an attack and what is a real attack. For example you and I disagree on this issue and we are talking it out. I have an opinion very different from yours. That is not an attack! If you were to claim this was an attack it would really be disingenuous wouldn’t it.

    Polly I really want to talk about the rest of what you said “They just want to FUCK THINGS UP FOR WOMEN.” Oh my friend how do I show you that is just not so.

    Polly I am really tired. I seen a reply you made to me earlier a few days ago but I can’t find it. I need to go to bed, sorry my body is not as strong as it once was. After I get my round up done in the morning I will look for your replies and your posts. This is an interesting and important conversation but I really am very tired tonight. Best wishes and hugs.

  3. Scottie, this is not a left-right issue. I have NEVER been on the right. I am, in fact, a socialist.

    If you really care about trans ideology & how this activism harms women & ALL GAY PEOPLE, I sugges you start reading “Women are Human” blog & subscribe to “Feminism Today”.

    But as far as fucking things up for women … I have trans friends who are NOT TRA’s. They do not subscribe to the ideology.

    As the saying goes, TRA’s are MRA’s in a dress.


    • Hello Polly. I admit I was so tired last night I did not make as much sense as I normally try to. But I am confused by your response about left and right. I don’t recall using that argument about this issue as I don’t think it apples. If I did I apologize. Polly I simply do not see how transwomen are “fucking things up for women”. If anything transwomen want solidarity with you.

      As far as having trans friends who are not trans right activist … Think of what you are writing. It is equal to writing you have black friends who are not anti-slavery. You are saying because those trans people agree with discrimination against them they are OK.

      I think this is a great conversation to have, but I know you have posted other posts on this I have not gotten too. Sorry. Do you want me to keep talking here or would you rather I move to a more recent post. I do not get to as many new posts as I wish. Just let me know and if you don’t mind add the link you want to continue in. Thanks.

      I did want to mention I figured out a solution to the conversation we were having about the MMA fighter trans question you asked, but I have not looked back in my feed to find your post on it. So I ask you, do you want me to post it on this thread or would you prefer another and if so can you give me the link. I am not trying to be difficult Polly I just am a bit overwhelmed with things I have to respond to. As they say a day late and … Hugs

  4. Transwomen cannot have solidarity with women because they are biological men. Putting transwomen into DV shelters that are meant for women only, putting them into women’s prisons, putting them into women’s sports is pro-man & anti-woman.

    You can’t decide you’re a woman because you “feel” like one … by changing your outward appearance … by anything at all. You’re still a man.

    Just because they want solidarity with us doesn’t mean we want want solidarity with them.

    Let them have their OWN spaces. Their own shelters … their own cell blocks in the prisons … or their own prisons … & let them play sports against each other.

    It’s not up to women to make these people “welcome” just because they say they’re women.

    Nobody would allow a white person to pretend to be black … or Native American … or anything they are not. Why is OK for men to decide to be women?

    My attitude is, if they want to be transwomen, then OK fine … just don’t muscle in on women’s spaces. Make your own space, like women had to.

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