We need new swear words

I don’t want to “reach out” to the loser Trump voters. I don’t want to “become friends” again. I don’t want to try to “understand” their pain or sorrow or any of that sh*t. Honestly, f#ck that sh*t.

I’m tired of people talking to me like I’m the idiot when they don’t even have a high-school diploma & I have two college degrees & the only thing that kept me from getting more education was a lack of money. I would have started auditing classes this fall, since I turned sixty this year but COVID f#cked up those plans. I LOVE to learn. I read ALL the time. But some people think that’s a sign of … I don’t know what. Nerdism or something. Oh, I guess I’m just not one of the cool kids.

I love this Isaas Asimov quote. I meet people all the time who insist that their lack of knowledge, their ignorance, is “just as good”, in fact, better, than my education. I don’t pretend to know everything; I just know what I know & strive to know more. When I don’t know something, I admit it & look for the answer. But these people … every single one of them a Trump voter … insist that whatever the facts are, they’re false, “fake news”, they “don’t believe it”, even when you’re showing them the information (!!), that it’s a conspiracy, or that the Bible says something different, etc.

But even people who have education & voted for Trump … you should have known better. You’re even worse, honestly. You know who you are. I can almost forgive the dum-asses who didn’t know any better. Almost. Not quite.

No, I’m not reaching out to anyone. I don’t care who you are. You can be someone in my own family. In fact, I’m glad that the coronavirus has made family reunions impossible; there’s people in my family I do not want to see because I do not want to have to be nice to them about this issue. YOU VOTED FOR DONALD TRUMP. YOU PUT OUR COUNTRY THROUGH FOUR YEARS OF HELL. “F#CK YOU” IS TOO NICE.

We need new swear words.


These people are definitely deplorable.

What’s even more deplorable is that they were able to breach security at the Capital so easily & walk through the halls like tourists. You know as well as I do that if they were #BLM or a million women in pussy hats or anti-war protesters from my childhood, teargas & rubber bullets would have greeted them.

This is only the beginning. Trump may have “pledged” to the transition to Biden’s coming administration, but he hasn’t conceded & he is still insisting that the election was “stolen” from him, setting up a “lost cause” scenario, which gives his followers a reason to continue fighting. Which is also deplorable.

Hillary was right. Perhaps she should change her name to Cassandra.

Photo credit: Business Insider. Found via Google.