Trans Activism & Road Not Taken: A Must Read

In the blog Reality’s Last Stand, Eliza Montegreen writes about what could have been if the activists hadn’t high-jacked the transgender & body dysphoria lifeline. As she so aptly points out, “…the current conflict over trans rights wasn’t inevitable. In fact, it was entirely avoidable.”

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Pronouns are Rohypnol

I was gang raped by four guys after Rohypnol was put into my drink & was only saved by this dude, who took on all four of them with a baseball bat & got me out of there. He then nursed me all night as I cried & puked & tried to deal with what had happened to me … & what could have happened. I believe this man saved my life. That was sixteen years ago. I wonder what happened to him.

So when I saw this article, written by Barra Kerr, about how pronouns are Rohypnol, I had to read it. & I agree, I totally agree. Too many people (mostly men but many women) have insisted that it’s only “polite” to call people by their preferred pronouns & even in elementary schools now, they are asking children what their “preferred” pronouns are … like a child has or even should have any notion of gender stupidity.

It isn’t about being polite. There are no good manners about this kind of bullshit. It’s about reimagining culture so that women & girls are not safe at all … much less safe than we already are.

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Once again, a man claims to be the “first woman” to accomplish something fab

I haven’t watched Jeopardy in years. I used to watch in in the mornings, with my grandparents, when Art Fleming was the host. I watched it for many years … I loved Alex Trebek … & I love those kinds of answer & question game shows. But I haven’t watched in several years, honestly. I’m usually writing in the evenings.

I’m not surprised that everyone in MSM is on the woke train & the trans train. But it’s really getting old. AT LEAST say it’s the first transwoman to win a million dollars. When a REAL woman (one with XX chromosomes) wins a million dollars, then she’ll be the FIRST WOMAN to win a million dollars.


The WP says that “Democracy dies in darkness” … well, not only democracy dies. The truth dies. Tell the truth!

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I used to want to live in Canada. I live in Buffalo, NY, & Canada is right across the Niagara River from me. I have relatives on both sides of my family who are Canadian. I have spent so much time in Canada that I *feel* like I am Canadian but of course, I am NOT Canadian, I am a citizen of the United States & my *feelings* have no true reality … because feelings come & go. That’s the reality of *feelings*. They’re like the weather.

I was born in Buffalo, NY, & I have no Canadian nationality. I do know plenty of people with dual nationality but I am not one of these people, as much as I wish I was. I am only a citizen of the United States, for better or worse. Nowadays, it’s for worse … but that’s another subject.

But the way things are going in Canada right now … I guess I’ll stay here in the US. At my age & with my financial status, I couldn’t immigrate to Canada anyway. & let’s face it … I’m a Buffalo girl.

Anyway, I couldn’t believe when I read this today … A MAN was speaking for the murdered women at the École Polytechnique, which happened in 1989. OH … he *identifies* as a women … he *feels* like a woman … so I guess that makes it OK. BUT IT DOESN’T …


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Coming soon to Canada … & maybe to the US?

The banning of gender-critical feminism. Calling anything that isn’t pro-trans-ideology “hate speech” … because OMG if you hurt their precious feelings, it’s so HATEFUL!!!! It’s VIOLENCE!

If these people think that telling the truth is VIOLENCE, they obviously have never taken a beating. Which I have. More than once. At the hands of a man. & I will be in physical pain the rest of my life because of this. Don’t tell me that WORDS ARE VIOLENCE. Because they aren’t.

Take your precious hurt feelings & grow the fuck up already.

These are really dangerous times we women … BIOLOGICAL WOMEN … are living in.

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Meghan Murphy does it again

Her newest opinion piece, posted yesterday at Feminist Current, says it quite succinctly: only women get pregnant & only women need abortions. & if you don’t know what a woman is, you’re totally lost. In today’s world, with the total Orwellian breakdown of language, it seems that not even dictionaries have a clue what women are anymore.

Please don’t argue about the “evolution” of language. Every language, since the beginning of time, had precise words for men & women … & they still do. Most languages are gendered … there are masculine words, feminine words, & neutral words & they all have their precise case endings. This can be confusing for the native English speaker, but it’s really easy once you have it down. I prefer that system to English language system. But of course … if you only took two years of basic Spanish back in high school & you’ve forgotten everything you ever learned, then I suppose you won’t know what I’m talking about. I took four years of Latin & then six years of German. I can read French & Spanish with the aid of a dictionary. & I was learning Russian before my teacher died last year.

But now … here in the United States, Canada & Great Britain, English language is being so horribly deconstructed that that singular “you” is being replaced with the plural “they”. Because it’s “nonbinary” or some bullshit reason like that.

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Diane Shaw on Trans “faith”

Back in June, I read an blog post by Diana Shaw on the “Women are Human” blog that interested me but at the time, I was too busy to write a blog about it myself. I simply copied & pasted it into a Word document & saved it.

Going through my Word files, I found it & thought that it would be appropriate to post it today … being a Sunday & all, when so many people are listening to one kind of sermon or another.

Diana Shaw writes: “Transactivists say what they say for religious reasons. The idea that there is a female within a male body requires faith to believe, as there is no evidence of this phenomenon. The belief that a person’s soul can transcend their body by faith, mantras (“trans women are women, trans men are men”) or works (hormones and/or surgery) is a faith. We have science on our side showing there are two sexes, all humans belong to one of the two sexes, and humans cannot change sex. We need to challenge transactivism on the basis that we should not be required to believe and practice this religion.” (Women are Human blog, June 4, 2021)

I am in total agreement with this statement.

Unlike homosexuality, which is a sexual orientation, & therefore biologically based, what used to be called trans-sexuality & is now called transgenderism, has no biological basis whatsoever. Gender is a social & cultural construct which promotes gender stereotypes; transgender activism embraces these gender stereotypes. Why anyone ~ especially so-called “liberals” ~ would want to promote & perpetuate these antiquated & ridiculous stereotypes is beyond me & most true feminists.

Gender & sex are not the same thing. It gets on my nerves to see the terms used interchangeably like they are. I don’t have a gender. I have a sex. I am a WOMAN. A adult human female.

Yes, it makes sense that transactivism is a religion. & like most religions, if you speak out against it, you’re shunned ~ you’re attacked ~ you have vile names attached to you ~ you are told you are “transphobic” ~ even if you refuse to convert to this religion & have no intention of ever converting.


Shaw, Diana.  “College Fights Federal Directive That ‘Trans’ Students May Share Dorms, Showers With Other Sex”. Women are Human, June 4, 2021.