Coming soon to Canada … & maybe to the US?

The banning of gender-critical feminism. Calling anything that isn’t pro-trans-ideology “hate speech” … because OMG if you hurt their precious feelings, it’s so HATEFUL!!!! It’s VIOLENCE!

If these people think that telling the truth is VIOLENCE, they obviously have never taken a beating. Which I have. More than once. At the hands of a man. & I will be in physical pain the rest of my life because of this. Don’t tell me that WORDS ARE VIOLENCE. Because they aren’t.

Take your precious hurt feelings & grow the fuck up already.

These are really dangerous times we women … BIOLOGICAL WOMEN … are living in.

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Another reason we are the United States of Stupid

As a survivor of cervical cancer, I find this really infuriating.

As reported by Angus Chen in STAT:

“A decade ago, a London cancer prevention researcher predicted that the United Kingdom’s national HPV vaccination campaign would take more than 15 years to prevent a majority of cervical cancers. So when he analyzed the data this year, he was stunned to find that the vaccine may already have nearly eliminated cervical cancer in the U.K. among young women.

“If this is right,” Peter Sasieni of King’s College London said of his findings, cervical cancers “could be reduced to about 50 – just 50 cancers in the whole of the U.K. for women under 30. It’s really quite exciting to see that day come – excitement and just joy.”

That joy was tempered with envy in the United States, where some of Sasieni’s peers lamented that the HPV vaccination rate for teenage girls lags far behind — about 59% in the U.S. vs. more than 85% in the U.K. The analysis, published last week in the Lancet, suggests the U.K. has notched a major public health victory against cancer through vaccinating the vast majority of young women against HPV, said Allison Kempe, a pediatrics professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine who did not work on the study.”

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I am too old to have gotten this vaccination. I was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix many years before anyone ever heard about a vaccination. Coming from a strict Roman Catholic family, I doubt I would have been allowed to be given the vaccination anyway … I would have had to waited until I was eighteen & out of the house. But at least, I would have been saved going through cancer treatments. This summer, I had to have biopsies again. & I’ve been in remission for over twenty years. Luckily, the nodes were benign but you never know.

We talk of the separation of church & state in America but that’s a myth. People are so hung up on their “religious rights” that their sense of religious identity trumps everything else, including common sense.

I would love to live in a country where people … even religious people … think logically.

Predators and Safe Spaces – Eva Comrie

Thank you, thank you, thank you. & this is happening, not just in Scotland (the land from where my ancestors hailed & from where I still have relatives), but in Canada & the US.

As a survivor of domestic violence, as someone who had to stay in more than one DV shelter, I can attest that if I had to deal with a MAN pretending to be a WOMAN in one of these places, I would have lost whatever small bit of sanity I had at that time. There’s no fucking way I would have been able to deal with that BS. I was already so horribly traumatized that having to deal with that kind of narcissism would have definitely been a bridge too far.

There’s no reason why transpeople can’t create their OWN spaces. The only reason they don’t is that MRA’s & TRA’s want to obliterate women-only spaces.


Dead Wild Roses

Male violence (and the threat of male violence) still shapes women’s lives here in 21st century.  We have not advanced past the stage of needing female only spaces and strong rules regarding the safeguarding of women and children from predatory men.  The transgender idea of self – identification inserts a gigantic loophole into conventional safeguarding techniques thus rending safeguarding untenable and unsafe for women. Human beings cannot change sex and we should not as a society entertain legislation and legal fictions that promote this dangerous idea.

“I learned that predators don’t have ‘PREDATOR’ tattooed on their foreheads. They tend, at least to begin with, to resemble your next door neighbour or friendly uncle. They don’t announce themselves as perverted.They seem friendly, helpful and ever so keen to please, the kind of people who go out of their way to befriend, perhaps proffer little gifts, some pocket money, tell a few…

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Wow! FAIR called this one!

The local new media in Buffalo was TOTALLY against India Walton’s mayoral campaign FROM THE START.

I almost watch any of the local news broadcasts … maybe to catch the weather report, but even that’s barely accurate & it’s usually a commercial for one of the “events” going on around town … I just want to know what’s going to happen today! Not if it’s a good day to go spend money for some corporate sponsor!

As for the Buffalo News, I lost all respect for that newspaper YEARS ago. The only reason I get a print copy delivered to my doorstep is because so I have something to wrap the cat poop & urine clumps in … it’s perfect for that. Once in a while, I might clip a poem that a friend wrote & put it on my fridge. I might do the crossword puzzles if I have a spare moment.

I also cut out obituaries of friends & save those … in the past few years, I’ve done that WAY too many times.

But it was great to read this in a national internet ezine.

In the sixteen years that Byron Brown has been mayor of Buffalo, this town has gone from bad to worse. It’s popular to blame Buffalo’s current woes on the pandemic, but most of its problems are from long before the pandemic. The trouble with Buffalo is that it was always a blue-collar town that loved to party & now that the heavy industry is gone, there’s no money left for partying …. but the attitude is still, PARTY ON! Nobody in charge seems to notice that you can’t have a party without money to finance it. & you can’t have a healthy city without a healthy workforce to support it … without jobs, without affordable housing, without infrastructure … forget about it.

Yeah, there’s been “great” improvements but do we really need another hotel? Another office building? Another bunch of luxury housing units with rents well over 2K? Another entertainment complex?

India Walton had ideas for EVERYONE at EVERY economic level. She wasn’t out just for the corporate donors, the rich people of Buffalo, the rich neighborhoods. She was one of US.

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Refuting The Transgender Ideological Platform – This is when they try and be concise…

Great article! Money shot: “Consider the case of religion. I am free to believe in Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha – I am not, however, free to compel you to believe in any of the aforementioned religious deities.

“Same with gender religious beliefs. If you think that wearing a dress and heels and feeling like a woman makes you a woman go right ahead. I should be under no pressure whatsoever to not believe the claim that wearing a dress and heels and ‘feeling like’ a woman turns you into an adult human female.”

Dead Wild Roses

An individual on Twitter has seen fit to ‘tackle’ all of the opposing talking points deployed against transgender ideology. Let’s see and talk about them here.

A limited and simplistic definition that is correct? Heaven forbid.  Concision is a beautiful thing. Accurate descriptions of the reality we inhabit are a boon to meaningful discussions and debate.

Transgender women, that is to say men who through gender-magic think they are women, remain male.  For a quick self demonstration please identify as rich and demand entrance into the Davos conference, or even identify as royalty and demand entrance into Buckingham Palace.  Thinking you are something does not, in fact, make you that something.

Culturally and legally speaking?  I have no idea what this phrase means.  Men in some jurisdictions have pushed through laws that allow them to change legal documents such as passports and birth certificates, but legal fictions that do not…

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