Abortion is about male power & control over women


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Abortion is about male power & control over women

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Work with women and girls? It’s time to reject psychiatry

Written by Dr Jessica Eaton

14th September 2019

Is it that time again? Time to shake the field up again?

Seems so.

Diagnosing women and girls with personality disorders after they have been abused, traumatised, trafficked, raped, neglected or harmed – is disgraceful practice. It needs to end. We all need to lobby, campaign, influence and convince decision makers and leaders to reject personality disorders as quack science.

Yet, when I say this to social workers, nurses, family support workers, police officers and teachers – they look at me like I’ve grown two heads.

It’s the look of, ‘But, diagnosing them helps them, doesn’t it? We can get them the help they need if we can just get them the diagnosis. Right?’

You see, many professionals I teach or work with, have never even considered the trauma-informed approach to working with women and girls who have been traumatised. They have…

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The Radical Notion That Women Are People

Jane Clare Jones

reducing the first

So, after a summer recess of trying to forget that the world is manifoldly going to hell in a handcart, this week’s exciting ‘Back to Twitter’ experience has involved a good deal of feminists being berated for ‘reducing women to their genitals/biology/anatomy/whatever.’ This woke-approved soundbite has been around for an AGE, and my usual reaction to it is a long slow disbelieving blink. (It’s always slightly staggering when some wokebro comes along to pronounce on your ‘unstellar feminism’ based on his complete inability to grasp the relation between ‘biology’ and ‘destiny’). Anyway, I’m not about to write a thousand-odd words to clarify this for the benefit of the TRAs (it’s pretty clear the TRAs are not interested in anything being clarified) or even for their male accomplices (who evidently have no intention of relinquishing their shiny new ‘get out of misogyny free’ cards). I do, however, care about the many…

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VRR vandals prove, once again, that TERF is a misogynist slur

Transactivists showing that they are MRA’s in dresses.

Purple Sage

On August 16th, Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter reported that a dead rat had been nailed to their door:

The unknown vandal was likely trying to intimidate women and express his misogyny.

Only a couple of weeks later, a second act of vandalism occurred. Someone wrote death threats against “TERFs” along with the never-ending mantra “transwomen are women” on the doors of the shelter.

Trans activists are still claiming that “TERF” is just an acronym for a subtype of feminist; however the way they use the word shows clearly that they intend it as a slur. This graffiti is transparently about intimidating women and making us scared to set boundaries that exclude men. Vancouver Rape Relief does not have an anti-trans policy—they have an anti-male policy. Because it’s almost always men who rape and assault women, and because men largely have the power to get away with their crimes…

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The Unspoken Homophobia Propelling the Transgender Movement in Children.

This article is from Quillette, which is a conservative outlet, but they have some common-sense writings on their site.  (not everything).   This article is written by Debra Soh.

I’ve been saying this exact thing for quite a while now.  Parents are pushing their children into being “trans” because they can’t handle the thought of them being “gay” or “lesbian”.   It’s just a different kind of Gay Conversion Therapy.  A particularly sick one.

Or they’re going along with their child’s “dysphoria” because they’ve been told their kid will “commit suicide” if they do not allow them to transition.  The parents are victims, too.

Here’s the link:  https://quillette.com/2018/10/23/the-unspoken-homophobia-propelling-the-transgender-movement-in-children/?fbclid=IwAR0gb63Q5MEoCAGiM4jJTYEZuXsnjvutYAWCfcK1E3TJm4tJk9ZxKw8tUoQ