10 Things You’re Actually Saying when You Ignore Someone’s Gender Pronouns

My Only Path to Power

A friend of mine recently shared this article on social media.

In response, here are the things you’re actually saying to me when you ask me to use your preferred pronouns instead of those that correspond to your birth sex.

  1. You’re asking me to be dishonest for you. If you want to misrepresent yourself (or simply hate your body) that’s your prerogative, but I resent you asking me to lie to, for and about you. Living honestly is important for ME too. A tolerant world would allow us both to express our truth.
  2. MY sense of safety is not important to YOU. By redefining women not as people who produce ova, but as people who do/should wear sexualized and inconvenient clothing, or are vain, or prefer and are meant for submissive sex, you’re contributing to a world in which we aren’t safe. When our womanhood is thought of as behavioral, we…

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Whose women?

language: a feminist guide

This week in Yorkshire, a local man named Thomas Mair killed the Labour MP Jo Cox on the street outside a public library. He shot her, stabbed her and kicked her as she lay bleeding on the ground, and witnesses report that he shouted ‘Britain first!’  ‘Britain First’ is the name of a far-right political organization; Mair, it turned out, had a history of involvement with racist and white supremacist groups. Jo Cox, on the other hand, was a vocal campaigner for the rights of migrants and refugees. The police have confirmed that she was deliberately targeted—Mair didn’t just go on a rampage and shoot whoever got in his way. Yet people who knew him described him as a quiet, non-violent man, considerate of his neighbours and devoted to his mother.

Almost exactly a year earlier, on June 17, 2015, another white supremacist, Dylann Roof, had entered a church in…

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Women’s Groups Protest Transgender Conference: Demand Representation in Debates over ‘Transgender Equality’


protest 2 Photo from Twiter


London – Furious at the impending erasure of women’s rights resulting from the 2015 Parliamentary Women and Equalities Committee Report headed by the Conservative Party’s Maria Miller, women representing a coalition of feminist, progressive, and lesbian organizations picketed today’s Westminster Social Policy Forum on Transgender Rights.

Protesters expressed outrage at the Committee’s recommendation to remove sex-based protections for women and girls by erasing the protected category of ‘sex’ and replacing it with an undefined category of ‘gender identity’. The proposed change would eliminate the ability of women to seek redress under law for sex discrimination and sex inequality. Such violations would no longer be recognized by the state as the category of ‘sex’ itself would no longer exist.

If the Equality Committee’s recommendations go forth as planned, the elimination of legal sex as a protected class will be replaced by an individual’s declaration…

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Lean Left

Sorry folks, but I have reached my limit.  I am sick and tired of veterans being used as pawns for political gain and/or hate and bigotry.  Veterans are not pawns.  We are people with feelings.  We chose to serve our country.

We do not ask for special favors.  We do not seek special treatment.  We do not want anything except what was promised to us.  That is the very basic thing about being a veteran.  After our service, we did what we could, just like everyone else to support our families.

Yes, many of us do have “special needs” that require us to seek assistance.  Some of us were wounded in battle.  Some of us were wounded in saving lives.  Some of us suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Some of us suffer from injuries caused by our jobs.

For the most part, you will not hear veterans complain about their problems. …

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