Please Help Stop the Erasing of Radical Lesbian Feminism

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Working Class Radical Feminism by Bev Jo

Please Help Stop the Erasing of Radical Lesbian Feminism

Bev Jo

Just as Lesbians are being erased by our oppressors, our Lesbian Feminist politics are also being erased. I worry that when those of us who know our history are gone, any lie can be told about us and our Radical Lesbian Feminist culture. They aren’t even waiting until we are dead.

Those who do not bother to learn our history condemn us to repeat the same horrors endlessly. One antidote to this poison is to question everything not Radical Lesbian Feminist. Why is the “new” version better (especially when most of it looks like a return to the Lesbian-hating Fifties)? And why does it serve males, rather than women, girls, and Lesbians? Any time we object, no discussion is allowed, while ridicule and gang-piling are used to censor the truth.

Each of these myths are becoming accepted even though…

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The Battle Against Malignant Transactivism – Julie Bindle


Dead Wild Roses

This is an excerpt from Bindle’s article on Unherd titled Trans Activisms’s War on Solidarity.

“I’ve interviewed dozens of de-transitioners who have been cast asunder after expressing regret about transitioning. I also know many trans people who are perfectly happy with their decision — but none of them believe it is reasonable to demand that they encroach women-only spaces such as domestic violence refuges, rape crisis services, prisons or hospital wards.

The problem, after all, is not trans people. It is extreme trans activism — a men’s rights movement which has grown out of the backlash against feminism, in particular the type of feminism that seeks to eradicate male violence towards women and girls.

For me, the costs of being targeted in this way have been enormous — and not just in relation to my unpaid activism. The mob follows me around, preventing me from speaking on how to…

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The DWR Feminist Quote of the Day – Gail Dines on Pornography


Dead Wild Roses

“Pornography has socialized a generation of men into watching sexual torture,” Dines said. “You are not born with that capacity. You have to be trained into it. Just like you train soldiers to kill. If you are going to carry out violence against a group you have to dehumanize them. It is an old method. Jews become kikes. Blacks become niggers. Women become cunts. And no one turns women into cunts better than porn.” 

Gail Dines quoted from the TruthDig Article Pornography is what the end of the world looks like.

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This REALLY pissed me off this morning

This was in a Washington Post article from October 1st. I missed it originally, but thanks to Mike the Mad Biologist’s Daily Links, I read the article, which was really informative & interesting. DO read it, especially if you’re interested in American history, the history of the American South, & the history of American slavery.

What pissed me off was this:

“For White Americans, genealogy is primarily a hobby. It’s a leisure pursuit. But for African Americans, it’s much deeper than that. It’s a yearning to know who came before you.“ ~ Toni Carrier, genealogist and anthropologist


I have been TOTALLY & FULLY interested in my genealogy since before I was TEN YEARS OLD. I remember sitting at the picnic table with my grandmother, listening to her stories of “the olden days”, with a notebook, so I could take notes as she spoke … I STILL HAVE THOSE NOTES. I still have the very first family tree I created of my family…actually, my father’s side of the family. I learned about my mother’s side a few years later. When I was an adult, I received a family tree from a distant cousin in Britain who had traced the MacDavid/McDavid line back to the 12th century. Apparently we are related to William Wallace. My great-great-grandmother on my father’s side was a Wallace. My great-uncle was named Wallace. We are also related to the Erskines & the Irvines. If you know anything about Scots history, you will recognize those names.

White people don’t have a yearning to know who came before you? Really? I want to know every single person in every single line going back to the beginning of fucking time – I want to know all the names of every person in my family – on my father’s side – on my mother’s side – I want to know ALL the stories – I want to collect all the photographs I can – I want to know EVERYTHING that went into making ME … & how that affects my attitudes, my worldview, my religion, my politics. EVERY FUCKING THING.

I’ll be honest with you … I don’t like being called “white”. I hate that generic term. I hate generic terms in general. Be specific! I’m an American of German-Scots-Irish-French background & I want to know more about my background … because who knows what other ethnicities might be hidden in the shadows of time. My people were Northerners (Western New York State) & never owned other people. As far as I can tell, they didn’t own other people in Europe, either.

This is NOT a hobby. This is NOT a leisure pursuit. This has been a lifelong passion of mine … tracing the lines of my genealogy & creating family trees of my personal family.


I don’t know who Toni Carrier is but she needs to learn about PEOPLE. I googled her & apparently she’s the founder of the International African American Museum (which sounds like a cool place), so naturally she wouldn’t have any interest in MY story or the story of people like ME. That’s OK … people are into what they’re into. & most people are into themselves & people who are like them. But that doesn’t give her the right to dis other people. Which is what she did … saying that white people aren’t as passionate about their past as black people.


There’s a LOT of talk about racism nowadays & it’s a talk that’s long overdue. But let’s not forget that there’s a LOT of idiot talk about white people coming from people of color. Yeah, some of it is spot on but this time … IT WASN’T.

That just burned my ass this morning.

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Faulty Gender Arguments Part Two – The Intersex Ploy

Another must read. “It is a travesty that we would allow male gender feelings to take precedence over the very material realty of being actually female in today’s society.” FUCK YEAH.

Dead Wild Roses

Arguing with gender ideologues can be a very disparaging and fruitless task.  Many of the argumentative styles they adopt are purely reflexive and will be based in goading or shaming the person they disagree with into silence or compliance.  The ‘social pressure’ dodge will be part three of this series.  However, the topic today is the ill considered use of the term “intersex” and intersexed people in general when used as rhetorical ammunition in a gender identity debate.

The Intersex ploy goes something like this:

There are several deformed ideas going on in this fine slice of twitter, so let’s parse them out.

1. The notion that intersex individuals are somehow outside of the sex binary.

2.  That self identification somehow trumps the biological reality of sex (i.e non binary and trans men).

3.  The notion that this third sex or sex spectrum is somehow supported by credible scientific sources.

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Meghan Murphy does it again

Her newest opinion piece, posted yesterday at Feminist Current, says it quite succinctly: only women get pregnant & only women need abortions. & if you don’t know what a woman is, you’re totally lost. In today’s world, with the total Orwellian breakdown of language, it seems that not even dictionaries have a clue what women are anymore.

Please don’t argue about the “evolution” of language. Every language, since the beginning of time, had precise words for men & women … & they still do. Most languages are gendered … there are masculine words, feminine words, & neutral words & they all have their precise case endings. This can be confusing for the native English speaker, but it’s really easy once you have it down. I prefer that system to English language system. But of course … if you only took two years of basic Spanish back in high school & you’ve forgotten everything you ever learned, then I suppose you won’t know what I’m talking about. I took four years of Latin & then six years of German. I can read French & Spanish with the aid of a dictionary. & I was learning Russian before my teacher died last year.

But now … here in the United States, Canada & Great Britain, English language is being so horribly deconstructed that that singular “you” is being replaced with the plural “they”. Because it’s “nonbinary” or some bullshit reason like that.

Anyway, I’m getting off the point. Here’s the link to Meghan’s great op-ed ~~~~>