Jane Clare Jones – Female Class Politics

“The question then is to what extent women and trans women share political interests.” Indeed.

Dead Wild Roses

Found on JCJ’s site: Speech at Women’s Equality Party Assembly, 23 September 2020

To lay out my thoughts about women’s political representation, I want to first outline my socialist and radical feminist analysis of women’s politics. What I most want to underline is that from my perspective, feminism is a form of materialist class politics, not a form of identity politics. That is, my analysis of the position of women is rooted in understanding that female people have a particular type of body and reproductive capacity and are subject to a system of power on the basis of being female. This power structure exists because of the historical development of a hierarchical system of extraction of the reproductive and socially reproductive labour of female people, otherwise known as patriarchy. Consequently, women have a range of shared material political interests. Most obviously these pertain to issues around reproductive and sexual autonomy…

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Stop crying, already

I’ve been reading all kinds of blog posts & articles on all kinds of progressive blogs & ezines & opinion pieces in some of the more progressive newspapers & it’s all the same whine … “It shouldn’t have been this close” … “It’s tough to realize that half of America is OK with death of our loved ones from COVID-19 & destruction of the economy” & “We’re more divided than ever!” & yadda yadda yadda

OMG stop crying already & grow the F up!

Get a decent history book & educated yourself! America has ALWAYS been divided. Hey … in my own sixty years, I have NEVER seen American un-divided. Even in superficial things. Remember “Disco sucks!” All the people destroying disco records because they didn’t like the tunes? When all they had to do was listen to something else?

One advantage of being a silver-haired crone is that you blend into the background … men aren’t hitting on me anymore like they did when I was young & beautiful. So I can sit & listen to what people are saying. & even though I live in a so-called “liberal” “blue” state, most of what I’m hearing says that these people are very conservative. It also tells me that we are headed for a civil war & that these people WANT that war. They’ve been wanting civil war for a long time. & I’m not just talking white folks, honey. I’m talking black folks, too. Lots of people don’t realize how conservative black folks are or how many of them are trumpsters. That’s the same with Hispanics. Very conservative.

These are not rural people. These are city people. It’s not a rural-urban divide, like so many op-ed writers seem to think.

The fact is, as good as Biden was (& he surprised me, honestly) he wasn’t ever going to be a stellar candidate. There wasn’t a star among the DNC candidates this year; there hasn’t been one since Obama in 2008.

But for heaven’s sake, stop crying already. The election is over. There’s new fights ahead. & yeah. Half of America is deplorable. Nice people but. You already knew this. Move on.