No Sympathy for the Devil. Evil Doesn’t Deserve Civility.

Drifting Through


You seem really angry.

It wasn’t really a statement. Or a question. It was an accusation. It was two days after the election. Two days after we elected an openly racist man who bragged about sexually assaulting women. My anger had apparently ruffled my acquaintance.

Yeah. I was angry. Livid. Sad. Terrified.

But I didn’t say any of that. I offered a smile. I tilted my head and I placated and soothed. My voice curled around words that I didn’t mean. My head screamed at him in anger Why are you NOT angry?

My soft voice and my traitorous smile were on autopilot. I blame my conditioning, but that’s really just a cop out.

We were raised on polite and nice. The Golden Rule and “how do you do’s.” We were taught that politics and religion should never be discussed in polite company.

Our politics are shrouded in coded language. Abuses are minimized…

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What’s missing from Draut’s Better Deal?

Some REAL GOOD ideas here.

Phil Ebersole's Blog

Tamara Draut, at the conclusion Sleeping Giant, her book about the new American working class, offered a list of proposals that she called A Better Deal.


A Better Deal for Workers
Modernize out labor protections by fighting the definition of “independent contractor,” creating new rules for stable scheduling practices and ensuring that the growing “on-demand” workforce is protected by labor laws and has rights to basic worker benefits.  Expand federal enforcement capacity and increase the fines and penalties for companies that break the rules.
• Guarantee paid sick days and paid parental leave as universal benefits for all workers.
• Raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2021 and eliminate the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers.
• Reform labor laws to ensure the ability of workers to join a union, including prohibiting so-called right-to-work laws and establishing majority sign-up as…

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Fourth Wave Feminism By Nurete Brenner

“Our disconnection with earth is translated into a disregard of the feminine. How far can you go in violating the mother that gave you life?”

NureteMany of us have a growing sense that we are at a crucial inflection point in our civilization and at a crossroads for the future of our planet. I’m not sure if that point needs to be defended, explained or expounded upon. To me it seems completely transparent, glaringly and frighteningly obvious. I live with that knowledge constantly, which translates into grief for the biodiversity that has already been lost and is accelerating; fear for the turmoil and human-made ecological catastrophes that will cause more and more people to lose their land and homes, leading to increased acts of violence towards the vulnerable;  and anger towards the elites of the world who siphon up the resources of our planet for themselves and then barricade themselves behind their wealth. 

Grief, fear, and anger. These are the emotions of the shadow lands and these are the emotions that we usually…

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Reflections on Life as an Authoritarian State Arises

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

We are visiting friends in the Washington DC area as we get ready to celebrate our wedding anniversary Monday. It is nice to be relaxing with each other, another friend who is down from Pennsylvania and combined flock of 12 Papillon dogs, three of which are ours. Everyone but me has now gone to their bedrooms while I sip a glass of McClelland’s Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey with my little boy Pierre at my side, all 4.8 pounds of him. That’s a good thing.

Since tomorrow’s weather forecast is for continued rain I will probably watch World Cup games, read and spend time with Judy, our friends and the Papillons. If the weather is good Sunday Monday hope to take Judy to the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Monday night we will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary with our friends. Depending on the weather…

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Resist the Dystopian Law and Order of Trump or be Condemned by History

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I love the virtues of the law. When I was in seminary I had friends who asked me why I wasn’t in law school and they didn’t mean it as a compliment. In high school and college debate classes I could be assigned to debate for positions that I abhorred and destroy my opponents by using precedent, history, and even appealing to emotion. Honestly had I not felt a real call to the ministry and later the priesthood I would have become a lawyer, which is something that I occasionally think about doing but at my age I find little motivation to follow, I think that as a priest, historian, and stand-up philosopher and ethicist I can do more with the time required to become a lawyer at my age, but I digress…

The problem is that I see far too many people, especially those…

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Trump’s Executive Order Is BS: Keep Protesting


Diane Ravitch's blog

I don’t know all the details of Trump’s executive order but then neither does he. This much is clear. There are no plans to reunite the 2,342 children with their parents who are now incarcerated. They have been sent to various cities. Do you want one? Apparently the administration plans to incarcerate entire families.

One thing is certain: the Trump policy is cruel, incoherent, and unplanned.

The babies in cages may never see their parents again.

We are an international pariah. We are led by a cruel sociopath.

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Families Belong Together

Look at these children in these cages. These are the warriors of the revolution. Do you think they will forget this kind of treatment? I think not.

All ruling classes create the rebels who rise against them. Here are America’s.


children on cots in a large cage at ICE internment center

In case you’ve somehow missed it, so-called (for now) President Trump’s brownshirt force, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is separating the children of undocumented migrants from them at the border and housing them in internment camps.

This is, in fact, DEPLORABLE.

Let’s dispense with a few myths.

Fuckface VonClownstick keeps insisting that he’s just enforcing the law that Democrats passed. This is a blatant lie. It’s 100% his own policy and he’s just trying to avoid culpability for it, as he does with, well, EVERYTHING.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Trump is just being “biblical” for enforcing the law. I’m sure she can find a verse supporting her position. But here’s a contrary point of view from Leviticus 19:34:

“But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of…

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Spot the Atheist


The Spartan Atheist

Ask pretty much any modern day atheist about “sending prayers” on Facebook, and you will almost assuredly get an eye roll and a groan.  It generally follows this model: Someone posts about something bad in their life, or in need of something good as an outcome of a situation, and in the comments below are lengthy strings of people just posting “prayers!”, or “praying for you!”, or “sending prayers!” or some other such nonsense.  Jesus is occasionally referenced.


Notice in this comment thread, there was ONE person that offered to actually help.  And this isn’t the only example.  Long threads of people offering “thoughts and prayers”, and one single person offering good advice or offering real help, has become part of an entire meme genre titled “Spot the Atheist”.  Go ahead and google it.

Here’s another:


Check out Jacob with his completely useful advice!  If he hadn’t chimed in, Mr…

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Oh, Shiny!

Great blog.



If you spend much time on social media, you’ve almost surely seen the posts.  “Hey!  While you were focused on whether Russia stole the election, Trump is appointing lots of bad judges!”  “Quit talking about Scott Pruitt’s corruption; Trump is using a cell phone that allows almost anyone to listen in!”  “Sheeple!  Who cares whether Trump meets with the Super Bowl Champs!  His racist ambassador is trying to throw the German election to white nationalists!”  And on, and on, and on.  (Oh, and if your concern involves women’s rights, or African American lives, or LGBTQ issues, expect to get double the amount of posts telling you why your issue needs to just go away in the face of “really” important matters.  The liberal blogger bros have got this, little lady, go home and make coffee.)

On any given day, #Putin’sPuppet and his traitorous running dogs commit so many atrocities that…

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