This Week’s Cruelty to Women

Absolutely egregious.


Tudor Dixon (Just love that name) GOP candidate for Governor of Michigan.  She thinks if a 14-year-old girl is raped and pregnant, having the baby might “help the healing.”

Well it’s been another interesting week for women as the nation marches toward an American version of theocratic fascism.  Once we reach Gilead we will be no diferent than the Taliban.  “Christian” perhaps; but no different.

This week the Republican nominee for governor in Michigan spoke of the “bond” between a mother and child when asked if an underage rape victim should be able to have an abortion.

Tudor Dixon, who won the GOP primary this month following the endorsement of ex-President Donald Trump, told Fox 2 Detroit that she was “pro-life with exceptions for life of the mother” when questioned about how her stance on terminations was being presented.

When asked about whether she would support terminating the pregnancy of a 14-year-old rape victim…

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“Trans-affirming” Dr. Marci Bowers admits that children who transition before puberty will never attain sexual satisfaction as adults

Dr. Marci Bowers was born Mark & fathered three children before he transitioned.

S/he talks out both sides of her mouth. He affirms the rights of children to transition before puberty but then talks about the problems of transitioning too young, mainly being able to orgasm or to be able to have children.

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Accuracy Matters – Male That Abused His Daughter Referred to as ‘She/Her’.

Yeah & the trans activists will insist that this never happens & that kids need to be told about trans “reality” so they can “identify” as their “true selves” & be “validated” in their “true identities” & all that nonsense. It’s ADULTIFICATION, no matter how you spread the shit. No child should be abused like this.

Dead Wild Roses

Perverted men do perverted things.  And just because they happen to mutter the gender-magic phrase “I identify as woman” does not change the fact that they remain men.  Not ever.  Male pattern violence and criminality persist regardless of any sort of gender identity declaration.

“A trans-identified male has been sentenced to 25 years in prison after forcing his 7-year-old daughter to participate in the creation of child sexual abuse material.

Marina Volz, born Matthew, was arrested in 2019 after the New Jersey Department of Child Protection became aware he was creating pornography in a home where a child resided.

The girl’s mother lived in Oregon while the abuses were taking place. Volz and Ashley Romero, another trans-identified male, had taken the girl from her mother and transported her to New Jersey for the purposes of forcing her into the child sexual exploitation material industry.”

Matthew and three other perverts then…

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Narcissism, Thy Name Is Non-Binary. – The RPOJ Returns.


Dead Wild Roses

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Red Pen of Justice post.  The lack of the world revolving around this individual required the treatment.  Enjoy.

This from a ‘article’ on the Huffpost.

Lately, I’ve been embroiled in what feels like constant conversations about pronouns. The wrong ones. The right ones. The preferred ones. Hint: That third category is defunct.

Oh I agree.  Pronouns being a neutral part of speech are descriptors that relate to either males, females, or a group of people. 

As a nonbinary trans person who uses they/them/theirs pronouns as my terms of address, I suppose I should be celebrating this influx of discourse on the proper usage of pronouns. Truthfully, I’m exhausted.

I’m exhausted just by you listing how you intend to gather wounds and whinge about the world not thinking that you are the most special snowflake on the block.

In the six years since…

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Trans Diaper Furry ‘Artist’ Speaking in Elementary Schools in Canada

This is utterly egregious. This is trying to normalize kink. If you’re into this kind of sh*t, hey whatever, but do NOT bring it anywhere NEAR children!

This is why we used to have red-light zones in cities. Because you have areas that are for ADULTS ONLY. You have lifestyles that are for ADULTS ONLY.

& honestly … all this talk about coming out of the closet … there was a lot good parties in the closet. I’m old enough to remember. Maybe opening those doors WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA. I don’t know about you but inviting kids to the party is not A GOOD FUCKING IDEA!


Dead Wild Roses

As an Educator I wonder about the appropriateness of scheduling a talk in an elementary school by someone who gets off by shitting in a diaper and then drawing furry art about that very act. Reduxx has featured a piece about what is happening here in Canada:

“Since then, Labelle has posted photos from inside school classrooms and libraries where his events have already taken place, all of which seem to primarily involve an audience of young children.

While the names of the institutions Labelle has already spoken at have not yet been confirmed by Reduxx, a post by Labelle on the French-language Facebook account for Assigned Male states the schools were in Gaspésie, or the Gaspé region of Quebec.”

“But in February of 2021, Labelle came under widespread scrutiny after it was discovered that he had quietly been producing and posting diaper fetish art on stealth social media…

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Kathleen Stock And Easy Queer “Credibility”

It’s worth clicking on the link & reading the entire article. Near the end, there’s this: Supercharged by the internet, contemporary sexual culture is spiralling off a cliff and taking a lot of young people with it, and increasingly large numbers of ordinary parents and teachers are finding this objectionable for very good reason.” I think many of us, who have raised children, & who are now becoming grandparents, are agreeing with this sentiment.

Dead Wild Roses

This except taken from Stock’s eassy on substack about the “The Family Sex Show”.

If the grift fits run with it I guess.  This is one of the many problems with the all the manufactured identities running around out there – the cache and relevance given to them has no direct tie to their value in society.  ‘My made up words make me important’ should not be an serious metric in a society concerned with epistemological validity.

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It is Unlawful and Unethical To Have Males in Female Prisons

& yet, we are continually told that transwomen are real women & that this kind of thing never happens & could never happen because transwomen are women. Circular logic in a magical thinking world.

Dead Wild Roses

   Canadians need to be exposed to the end product of inducting the concept of gender identity into Charter and laws.  The end result is that we have incarcerated male rapists in female prisons.  It is the ultimate expression of placing the feelings of males above the *safety* of females in our society.
   This is not about ‘being kind’ or being inclusive.  This is ignoring the reality we all share for some kind of gender fucking fantasy land where what people say about themselves MUST be accepted by everyone around them.  Our internal perception of ourselves is precisely that – it is ours – and there should be no expectations of others to abide with said perception.
  Our laws must deal with the world as it is, not the world as individuals want to perceive it if we value the notion of a just and fair Canadian society…

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Identity politics and transgender: John Rees and Counterfire (Part 2)

Part two of this important must-read.

freer lives

John Rees, a leading member of Counterfire, has written a very useful article about identity politics, the political establishment and the left.

Part 1 of this Freer Lives piece looked at what he said about the political establishment – the elite servants of the capitalist class. Rees points out that the main, neoliberal wing of the establishment has adopted identity politics in tokenistic but prominent ways, to re-legitimise itself in the age of austerity. This has vastly extended the impact of identity politics while also discrediting it in the minds of some workers, and this reaction has been channelled and exploited by the traditionalist, conservative wing of the elite. Neither side has anything to offer working people, but both use identity politics to divide us.

Rees treats the debates over transgender issues as simply one example of these divisions.

This is an enormous advance on the positions of groups…

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Identity politics and transgender: John Rees and Counterfire (Part 1)

Another must-read. Part one of a two-part series.

freer lives

Britain’s rulers endorse trans ideology, as part of their wider embrace of identity politics, says Marxist John Rees, a leading member of Counterfire. (Establishment ideological contradictions and the left 29 November 2021).

The “the rainbow of minorities”, he says, find support from most “of the political establishment, parts of the broadcast media, the NGO universe, the Human Resources departments of most public and private institutions” and from “much of the Labour Party and trade-union bureaucracy,” the establishment’s “labour movement echo chambers.” This support is, of course, tokenistic. So, for example, black people are “visually prominent in prospectuses and publicity, celebrated in black history month, and promoted in public,” but not given resources to deal with discrimination. But this tokenism helps the establishment re-legitimise itself after decades of austerity.

A minority within the establishment, Rees says, replaces tokenism with right wing populism, taking “a more traditional, often socially conservative…

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