A Childhood is not Reversible

A Great post from Transgender Trend, refuting the common trope that transing children is easily “reversible” (I’ve noticed that this is often put forth by people who don’t have children).

Children believe what they are told & what they see. What we experience in our childhood will affect us for the rest of our lives.

This is why the transing of children is the front line of the trans “war” right now.

No parent wants to think that they are abusing their child but they are definitely fucking up their child’s life & there’s no argument with that. They’re just doing it in a different way than parents did in the past.

link here ~~~~> https://www.transgendertrend.com/childhood-social-transition/

Pronouns are Rohypnol

I was gang raped by four guys after Rohypnol was put into my drink & was only saved by this dude, who took on all four of them with a baseball bat & got me out of there. He then nursed me all night as I cried & puked & tried to deal with what had happened to me … & what could have happened. I believe this man saved my life. That was sixteen years ago. I wonder what happened to him.

So when I saw this article, written by Barra Kerr, about how pronouns are Rohypnol, I had to read it. & I agree, I totally agree. Too many people (mostly men but many women) have insisted that it’s only “polite” to call people by their preferred pronouns & even in elementary schools now, they are asking children what their “preferred” pronouns are … like a child has or even should have any notion of gender stupidity.

It isn’t about being polite. There are no good manners about this kind of bullshit. It’s about reimagining culture so that women & girls are not safe at all … much less safe than we already are.

Link here ~~~~~> https://fairplayforwomen.com/pronouns/

Trans Rights are not Apex Rights.

Compromise! The trans activists have no intension of compromise. They are MRAs in dresses & wigs. Their agenda is to get rid of women’s rights altogether.

Dead Wild Roses

Thank you justdad7 for writing such urgently necessary thoughts.

This is the context we need to make any progress with the gender religious, as most seem to be under the notion that the rights they claim happen to be ‘apex rights’ – in other words gender identity should be given first priority when judging a situation.

They, in fact, are not.  And we need to start framing issues of gender identity in the proper context of all the human rights we have in Canada and acknowledge that friction and conflicts do exist and must be discussed.

Sex an Sexual orientation are no less important in society, but the current blitz by the gender religious would have us overlook this key contextual aspect of the debate.

No longer.  Like the rest of the adults in society Gender Identity proponents are going to have to learn to compromise and accept that…

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