You’re going to see more of this

“Woman who lost breasts, uterus to sex change sues doctors, mental health providers who facilitated her transition”.

I can not imagine going through a mental health crisis (& I have gone through more than one in my life) & ending up being transitioned like this. YEAH, I’d be talking to my lawyer. I really feel for this woman. She was ROBBED.

You don’t let people self-diagnose. Yeah, some of us DO have a clue what’s going on with ourselves (I knew I was manic-depressive before I sought help) but a doctor doing performing due diligence will make sure that this diagnosis is correct & not just a whim of the patient’s … especially if the patient is a child or if the patient is in crisis. It goes without saying that a proper diagnosis takes more than one visit to the doctor & more than a hour’s time with the doctor.

Like the title of this post asserts, you’re going to see more of these lawsuits & I say, BRING THEM ON.

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A Drag Queen Speaks Out

This is from the WordPress blog Dead Wild Roses … you know how WordPress is, sometimes you can reblog a post you like & sometimes you can’t & I wasn’t able to reblog this one, but I really wanted to share it. Now I think most of my readers know that I’m not a MAGA person or a trumpster by any means, but I do have friends & family who are, & while I think many of their views are vile (to put it mildly), we do agree on a few issues. The “transing” of children is one of them.

I want to say (AGAIN) that I am not anti-trans, nor anti-gay, nor anti-anything … I think that every adult should have the right to live their life the way they want to, without any interference from the government or church or any other person … as long as they are not harming any other person … which is just common fucking sense. But when it comes to children … the rules change. You don’t mess around with children. As a mother & a grandmother, I’m dead ass about this.

There are plenty of us … gay, lesbian, bisexual & trans who think like this but we have been shouted down & silenced by much louder (ruder) voices in the LBGTQIA+ activism organizations & on social media as well as the MSM which has been totally bought over by them. To say anything other than transkids should have anything other than “affirmative” care means you’re a bigot, a transphobe & if you’re a woman, a TERF.

As someone who has a diagnosis of bipolar disorder & suffers from migraines & degenerative disk disease & who knows plenty of other people with other mental & physical disorders, I can attest that when a person has any kind of mental or bodily distress, “affirmative” care is not the way to go about it. Do you tell a person with anorexia nervosa that they are really fat & they should go on dieting until they are too thin & sick to live? OF COURSE NOT.

When a child insists that they are born in the wrong body, you do NOT agree with them. You tell them that NOBODY is born in the wrong body & they are PERFECT THE WAY THEY ARE.


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About so-called “gender identity”

I found this via PITT (Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans) … there was a link to the article, which took me to the author’s (Hippieq) Substack page … you can subscribe to receive more articles or not. I did, after reading this one.

This is what really got me: “at the same time that we are making room for much less rigid standards of femininity or masculinity, we are engaging in a sort of counter-movement. In that counter-movement, anyone who isn’t comfortable with rigid standards, instead of being accepted for their unique set of masculine/feminine tendencies, escapes them by being “trans.” This is unfortunate because the notion of being “trans” brings with it body-hatred, mutilation, and a host of potential health risks, including sterility. And we justify all this with the use of a vague, amorphous term – the Gender Identity. We need to be honest about the fact that the concept of a Gender Identity is society’s new way of enforcing stereotypes.”



Heaven fucking forbid people just dressed & acted the way they fucking wanted to, without all these stupid fucking labels being put on them … you’re really a girl or a boy if you like this or that toy or you feel like a woman for some stupid fucking reason that makes no sense except to you & therefore is meaningless to the rest of the world & has no legal reality but ANYWAY

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I had no idea this was so widespread, especially here in the US. This is a gross violation of women’s rights. Women have the right to their own spaces, which includes sports, without men competing against men, & that includes men who “identify” as women, because such identification is meaningless except to the person making that claim. It is only a fact inside that person’s head. It’s time to get real.

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The Case Against Pronouns

Truth here.

Connect ALL the Dots

Exhibit A: The Truth Matters

My fundamental right to assert the truth is the hill I am willing to die on. Here are some fundamental facts I will continue to assert because words have meanings and meanings matter:

· A “woman” is an adult human female.

· “Trans women” are not women. “Trans women” are trans-identifying males.

· A “man” is an adult human male. “Trans man” is a misleading oxymoron.

· Refusing to use misleading terminology to refer to trans people is not an expression of “hatred.”

· “Transphobia” cannot credibly be attributed to women because “phobia” means irrational fear. Female fear of male violence is perfectly rational because males are statistically significantly bigger, stronger and more prone to violence than females, particularly sexual violence.

Exhibit B: The Free Speech Argument.

Jordan Peterson was absolutely right that compelled speech is unacceptable. We have long accepted that threats of…

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Obituary for my daughter.

Another great article from the blog, Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT).

When I read this, I had so many feelings … anger, sorrow, frustration, helplessness. & rage. A witch’s wicked rage against this trans-ideology that has coupled with Big Pharma & the plastic surgery industry & is now preying on children. Ruining healthy bodies for a political agenda.

If you’re not outraged about this, you have no compassion, no love. No thought about anything except political gain & ideology. You are part of the problem.

This young girl could have been me. I was just like that. But trans wasn’t a thing back in the late 60s & early 70s. I grew up into a sexy young bisexual feminist, in love with dancing & sex, drugs & rock&roll.

I think of my granddaughter, soon to be born. I wonder … is she going to fall down this rabbit hole of utter confusion, led by people who don’t give a flying F?

What can I do to protect her? Is there anything I do can?

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This Week’s Cruelty to Women

Absolutely egregious.


Tudor Dixon (Just love that name) GOP candidate for Governor of Michigan.  She thinks if a 14-year-old girl is raped and pregnant, having the baby might “help the healing.”

Well it’s been another interesting week for women as the nation marches toward an American version of theocratic fascism.  Once we reach Gilead we will be no diferent than the Taliban.  “Christian” perhaps; but no different.

This week the Republican nominee for governor in Michigan spoke of the “bond” between a mother and child when asked if an underage rape victim should be able to have an abortion.

Tudor Dixon, who won the GOP primary this month following the endorsement of ex-President Donald Trump, told Fox 2 Detroit that she was “pro-life with exceptions for life of the mother” when questioned about how her stance on terminations was being presented.

When asked about whether she would support terminating the pregnancy of a 14-year-old rape victim…

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“Trans-affirming” Dr. Marci Bowers admits that children who transition before puberty will never attain sexual satisfaction as adults

Dr. Marci Bowers was born Mark & fathered three children before he transitioned.

S/he talks out both sides of her mouth. He affirms the rights of children to transition before puberty but then talks about the problems of transitioning too young, mainly being able to orgasm or to be able to have children.

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