Someone Is Doing Witchcraft Wrong!

I couldn’t have said it better !



  • Everybody!  Trump’s tweets about Issue X are just a distraction!  We need to focus on Issue Y!  Eyes on the prize!
  • Please!  Don’t have a demonstration!  Demonstrations are not useful anymore.  The press won’t cover it and it will just give Trump’s people an opportunity for violence.
  • Hey!  Trump’s tweets aren’t a distraction; his tweets are the issue.  We need to counter them.
  • You can’t call it a “Women’s March!”  That will make men feel unwelcome.  Also, you are not doing enough to include Group Z!
  • You shouldn’t hit Nazis.  That will make people think we’re violent and against free speech.
  • Don’t knit silly pink pussy cat hats!  That takes away from the seriousness of the Resistance.  It’s too girly.
  • Town Halls aren’t the answer; we need to elect Candidate A to the DNC!
  • Hey!  Everybody!  Everyone needs to quit telling other people what not to do to resist Trump!…

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A dickwad said what?

I was dismayed to see one of my favorite feminist writers write a blog post that this piece of scum “didn’t deserve to be taken down in this way”. Apparently because he was the victim of childhood abuse, apparently at the hands of Catholic priests. Oh boo hoo. Lots of people (including myself) have been the victim of childhood sexual abuse & they don’t advocate sexual abusing children & they aren’t assholes in every other department of their lives. This dude could have been fighting the GOOD FIGHT but he CHOSE NOT TO. I’m glad he went down & anyway it happened is JUST FINE with me. Hope he’s gone for good but I kinda doubt it. These jerks have a way of getting recycled.

Stick It!...To the Patriarchy

I hate that I am expending time and energy on the latest (and hopefully last) controversy generated by a person who gets way more attention than a garden-variety bully with an acute case of potty-mouth like him deserves.

And yet it sickens me to see not only the usual apologists for predatory male sexuality, but people who should know better, defending this shitsack.

So yeah yeah, the right was totally fine with his ongoing, virulent misogyny, racism, and other sickening trolling for attention. Honestly, is it news to anyone on the left that conservatives are overwhelmingly misogynist and racist? If it is, y’all have seriously not been paying attention. But now that they have dumped his sorry ass, you’re mad at them for taking issue with support for pedophilia? It’s a low bar, sure, but honestly I was relieved to see they had one.

Dickwad claims he was…

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Awesome pink sparkles have something for everyone

Fuck the color pink for girls & “sparkly things”. I hated the color pink when I was a little girl & refused to wear it. I wouldn’t wear pink until just a few years ago when my cousin got breast cancer & I started wearing pink “in support” & I found out that my mother was right, pink really IS my color. (& all the pink hunting camo helped, too)

But why shouldn’t boys like “sparkling things”? Haven’t anyone watched old westerns? The sparkly guns & spangles on Roy Rogers’ outfits? Or how about an old movie & the sparkling diamonds on a man’s tux? Or the sparkling chrome on a Harley-Davidson? Why are “sparkly things” only for girls? That’s BS. Even in the 1960 & 70’s, men dressed up in sparking clothes & had long hair. Doesn’t anyone remember?

& why are trucks & trains only for boys? This whole trans narrative is patriarchal in the extreme.

I was always a tomboy & I grew in to a curvy, feminine woman who could hang with the guys & hunt & fish & curse & drink but still liked to keep a clean house & cook & sew & dress up like a babe cuz why the fuck not. It’s not either/or when it comes to “gender” . I am a woman. I like doing so-called “boy” things & I like doing so-called “girl” things because when push comes to shove, they’re all just fun ACTIVITIES.

freer lives

If you identify as a girl, assigned female at birth, and you like the colour pink, you like wearing dresses and sparkly things, that’s awesome. But if you are a boy who likes pink sparkly things that’s also awesome.

It’s not a case of saying, let’s break everything down so that there’s nothing, so there’s no meaning in anything. It’s a case of opening it up so everybody can have access to everything.

These are comments from CJ Atkinson, author of the new book Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity? They are quoted in a promotional article in the The Guardian , which explains that the book is “being introduced into some [British] primary schools as a resource for children, parents and teachers, and claims to be the first book to explain ‘medical transitioning’ to children as young as seven.” The article comfortably notes criticisms of the book from right…

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Identifying as something versus identifying what you are

I totally agree with everything this writer says.

Purple Sage

Let’s talk about the difference between identifying as something and identifying what you actually are, because transgenderists like to think that it’s totally legit for anyone to identify as anything and they also think that everyone constructs identities for themselves. Nope!

I don’t “identify as” a woman or a lesbian, I just am a woman and a lesbian. I did not construct an identity of myself as a woman out of a desire to be one, I just know that I am one because I know what a woman is (an adult human female) and I am an adult human female. Before I was an adult, I was a female child, also called a girl. This is not because I had an “identity” as a girl, it’s because I was a girl.

Sometimes I want to ask transgenderists if they even believe in material reality. Do you know…

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“Mother” is not a dirty word Protest – London



From the protesters:

The British Medical Association has recently issued some guidelines discouraging their own staff to call pregnant women “mothers” in order to not offend the transgender community.

We demonstrate to express our opposition to that move in the strongest terms.
We see that move as a way to deny women the right to talk about their experience of birth and motherhood.

The word for adult human female is “woman”.
The word for adult human female who is pregnant is “mother”.

Only the female of the species can get pregnant and we will not pretend otherwise.
“People” do not get pregnant.
“Men” do not get pregnant.
Noticing and naming biological differences between the sexes is called science, these are biological facts.
Naming biological facts is not “exclusive”
Naming biological facts is not hate speech.
Naming biological facts is not bigotry.
Naming biological facts…

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Vancouver Women’s Library (Canada)

More “queer” & “trans” BS upset that it isn’t all about THEM. Open your own damn bookstore with your own damn books. Already. With shoes & handbags, while you’re at it.

Gender Identity Watch

A group of “anti-feminist protesters” disrupted the official launch of the Vancouver Women’s Library, according to the Guerrilla Feminist  Collective.  “The protesters held signs and shouted at people entering the space. They poured wine over the books. They smoked inside when asked not to. They pulled the fire alarm. Some of them tried to bar then pushed women entering the space. As far as we saw, men were left alone to come and go as they pleased.”  The protesters “shamed and blamed” women for calling the police (who were called due to concerns for the safety of the library patrons and fear of further destruction of library property), harassed and complained about the library’s founders, and demanded that the library remove certain books from the collection.

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Arthur Camins: Which Side Are You On?

Indeed! Which side are you on?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Arthur Camins, scientist and science educator, posted this message on his Facebook page:

There have always been two Americas. One is shameful and the other is admirable. Now, every citizen needs to decide: In which America do you want to live? For which will you take a stand?
We have been the America that stole land from and exterminated Native Americans.
We have been the America that limited the right to vote.
We have been the America that shackled and enslaved Africans, granted them freedom and then took those freedoms away.
We have been the America that has denigrated and excluded eastern and southern Europeans and Asians.
We have been the America that imprisoned innocent Japanese Americans.
We have been the America that turned its back on Jews who fled Nazi extermination, sending them back to their slaughter.
We have been the America that deported and detained dissenters.
We have…

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