Meghan Murphy does it again

Her newest opinion piece, posted yesterday at Feminist Current, says it quite succinctly: only women get pregnant & only women need abortions. & if you don’t know what a woman is, you’re totally lost. In today’s world, with the total Orwellian breakdown of language, it seems that not even dictionaries have a clue what women are anymore.

Please don’t argue about the “evolution” of language. Every language, since the beginning of time, had precise words for men & women … & they still do. Most languages are gendered … there are masculine words, feminine words, & neutral words & they all have their precise case endings. This can be confusing for the native English speaker, but it’s really easy once you have it down. I prefer that system to English language system. But of course … if you only took two years of basic Spanish back in high school & you’ve forgotten everything you ever learned, then I suppose you won’t know what I’m talking about. I took four years of Latin & then six years of German. I can read French & Spanish with the aid of a dictionary. & I was learning Russian before my teacher died last year.

But now … here in the United States, Canada & Great Britain, English language is being so horribly deconstructed that that singular “you” is being replaced with the plural “they”. Because it’s “nonbinary” or some bullshit reason like that.

Anyway, I’m getting off the point. Here’s the link to Meghan’s great op-ed ~~~~>

Once again, I am ashamed to be an American

Joe Biden continues Trump’s anti-humanistic border policies.

I have to ask … how much of his devout Catholicism is a show? Because this is definitely not the act of a Christian … or any spiritual person.

US Border Patrol agents herding Haitian refugees like cattle. AP Photo by Felix Marquez.

Instead of doing the right thing & allowing everyone who wants to come to the United States & become citizens of our country, like so many others were allowed to do, Biden is allowing the Republicans to scare him into keeping the borders closed so he doesn’t appear to be “soft” on immigration, whatever the fuck that means. Well, it means nobody is allowed into the United States who isn’t white, that’s what it means. Look at the men on the horses. Look at the men on the ground.

Do the right thing already! Let these poor people in! & stop treating them like cattle! WTF, you don’t even treat cattle like that!

Reported by Patrick Martin on the World Socialist Website.

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Diane Shaw on Trans “faith”

Back in June, I read an blog post by Diana Shaw on the “Women are Human” blog that interested me but at the time, I was too busy to write a blog about it myself. I simply copied & pasted it into a Word document & saved it.

Going through my Word files, I found it & thought that it would be appropriate to post it today … being a Sunday & all, when so many people are listening to one kind of sermon or another.

Diana Shaw writes: “Transactivists say what they say for religious reasons. The idea that there is a female within a male body requires faith to believe, as there is no evidence of this phenomenon. The belief that a person’s soul can transcend their body by faith, mantras (“trans women are women, trans men are men”) or works (hormones and/or surgery) is a faith. We have science on our side showing there are two sexes, all humans belong to one of the two sexes, and humans cannot change sex. We need to challenge transactivism on the basis that we should not be required to believe and practice this religion.” (Women are Human blog, June 4, 2021)

I am in total agreement with this statement.

Unlike homosexuality, which is a sexual orientation, & therefore biologically based, what used to be called trans-sexuality & is now called transgenderism, has no biological basis whatsoever. Gender is a social & cultural construct which promotes gender stereotypes; transgender activism embraces these gender stereotypes. Why anyone ~ especially so-called “liberals” ~ would want to promote & perpetuate these antiquated & ridiculous stereotypes is beyond me & most true feminists.

Gender & sex are not the same thing. It gets on my nerves to see the terms used interchangeably like they are. I don’t have a gender. I have a sex. I am a WOMAN. A adult human female.

Yes, it makes sense that transactivism is a religion. & like most religions, if you speak out against it, you’re shunned ~ you’re attacked ~ you have vile names attached to you ~ you are told you are “transphobic” ~ even if you refuse to convert to this religion & have no intention of ever converting.


Shaw, Diana.  “College Fights Federal Directive That ‘Trans’ Students May Share Dorms, Showers With Other Sex”. Women are Human, June 4, 2021.

How stupid is THIS?

A law professor … he doesn’t say where he teaches … is now going to use “they” for the singular “you”.

Never mind that “they” is plural & therefore is grammatically incorrect usage for less than two people.


You’d think that a law professor would KNOW BETTER.

I have a paralegal degree & one of the things that was drilled into me was CORRECT WORD USAGE, since using the wrong word the wrong way could lead to losing your case in court.

Maybe things are different now in these new times of woke-ness & being polite to TRA’s.

Personally, I refuse to use plural pronouns for a singular person. So sue me.

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The New Gay Liberation Front

I read about this on the Women Are Human blog, to which I subscribe. After reading the article about this new organization, I clicked on the link & went to their website.

I subscribed to their newsletter.

They are pro-gay & lesbian, pro-biological sex, pro-single-sex spaces. This is an organization that means to uphold homosexuality, either male or female … not transgender ideology.

Link here ~~~~>

Link to the original article at the Women are Human blog ~~~>

logo copied & pasted from the Women are Human blog.

Another episode of “Hillary Was Right”

Today’s show is called: “Elections have consequences”, in which it is pounded into our heads that when you go to vote for president, it’s not about the person with whom you would like to have a few beers; or the person you think would be the most entertaining; or the person you think would give the opposition party the biggest fight; or the one who is the more good-looking with the better wardrobe. When you vote for any person for any public office, it’s a job interview & you’re supposed to be voting the person you would hire – the best person – the most qualified person – for the job. Not the most entertaining person or the person you want to drink with or the person with the best wardrobe.

Of course, I know people – some in my own family – who didn’t vote for Hilary Clinton because what just happened in Texas is exactly what they have been praying to happen & their prayers won’t end until it’s law writ large on the entire United States.

There’s a good op-ed on the Washington Post about this very subject by Colbert I. King. link here ~~~~~>

Allies on the right? Are you kidding?

One thing I’ve been hearing a LOT is that gender-critical feminists now “have” to ally themselves with the political right because the “woke” left has abandoned them. There’s lots of (well-deserved) criticism for President Biden’s recent gender legislation & of course, now the radical right contingent in the Senate has taken it up.

Check out this picture. Now you can complain about the lousy science spouted by the “woke” left but this is every bit as bad. There are two SEXES. There are who knows how many genders, seems there’s more everyday. But there’s only two sexes & maybe a third intersex that is very rare & has nothing to do with GENDER.

Obviously, this woman & her office do not understand the difference between sex & gender, which is the same problem that the left is having. Apparently, nobody in America (or the entire world, now) knows the F*ng difference between SEX & GENDER. Except maybe a few of us older feminists & nobody seems to want to listen to us but what’s new on that score, amirite?

My point is, Marjorie Green & her ilk are not allies of feminists or of our issues. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Do not not be fooled.

picture found on Digby’s Hullabaloo