From the WP: What I Wish I’d Known When I was 19

A very thoughtful op-ed written by a person who transitioned when s/he was 19 years old & now wishes s/he had waited. A must-read for all the liberals who insist that children are OK to be indoctrinated with transgender ideology in grade school & puberty blockers & A-OK & nobody is ever harmed by any of this BS.

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3 thoughts on “From the WP: What I Wish I’d Known When I was 19

  1. It’s horrifying that doctors would perform surgery with such drastic and irreversible effects on the premise that a 19-year-old (and in some cases people several years younger) can really understand what he or she is consenting to. People legally considered too young to drink a beer are being allowed to impose lifelong sterility and loss of sexual function on themselves. People in ten or twenty years will look back on this and think we were all lunatics for allowing it.

  2. When I was 32, I wanted to have my tubes tied & THIS WAS NOT ALLOWED because I was told that I WOULD CHANGE MY MIND. I was 32 years old! I had medical, financial & emotional reasons for not wanting another child. But I was treated like someone who couldn’t make this decision for herself.

    & yet CHILDREN are being allowed to decide to take life-changing drugs & get surgeries that will permanently change their bodies & it’s being called AFFIRMATIVE CARE. Because they might commit suicide or something. Like there aren’t other ways to keep a kid from killing him/herself. NO, you have to AGREE with her/him! Idiocy.

    Thanks for reading.

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