The Problem with Penises


Mock Paper Scissors

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This essay isn’t about bashing men. Good men know who they are. Women recognize and appreciate those men. In fact, you’re our gold standard for how all men should treat women. The fact that I need to include this disclaimer is part of the issue.

Since forever, penises and their handlers (PH’s) have been granted astonishing privilege and power over vaginas and their handlers (VH’s). Penises are lauded as funnier, smarter, decisive, and significantly more adept at everything. They’re encouraged to treat VH’s as the fairer sex, less than, and to behave like a gentleman through acts of chivalry. Or as we call it, misogyny, mansplaining, sexual harassment, rape, sexual assault, or rape adjacent behavior, among other things. PH’s think it is their birthright to exert total control over a VH whenever they see…

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What Does It Take?


And she’s right, we have to FIGHT THIS WITH EVERYTHING WE’VE GOT.


I was just lurking on Mumsnet and found a post about one of Julie Bindel’s latest tweets.

julie bindel

She’s right.

If we do not fight this with everything you’ve got, we won’t win. Men have put you in this position. Never forget this. It’s not women putting you in this position of fear, it’s men. Julie Bindel didn’t put anyone in this position: men did.

Men are the ones erasing your rights. Men have proven time and time again they will hurt you if allowed to get into your sex-based spaces and the govt. is helping them do it.

The govt. is run by the wealthy and neoliberal corporations owned by men. We all know that transgenderism is funded by wealthy men who have erotic fantasies of being women. Their erotic pleasure comes from being able to role-play by infringing on female spaces. It excites them. It validates their fantasy.


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Controversy intensifies over Littman ROGD study; petition now signed by 3700, no word from Brown University or PLoS ONE

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by Marie Verite Update: 7 Sept 2018: Petition has now reached 4200 signatures. In addition to the articles linked below, new media coverage includes:  NBCNews, which covers the controversy as well as the petition, as does this San Diego Union/New York Daily News story; Ken Miller, biology prof and Brown alum…