The Unspoken Homophobia Propelling the Transgender Movement in Children.

This article is from Quillette, which is a conservative outlet, but they have some common-sense writings on their site.  (not everything).   This article is written by Debra Soh.

I’ve been saying this exact thing for quite a while now.  Parents are pushing their children into being “trans” because they can’t handle the thought of them being “gay” or “lesbian”.   It’s just a different kind of Gay Conversion Therapy.  A particularly sick one.

Or they’re going along with their child’s “dysphoria” because they’ve been told their kid will “commit suicide” if they do not allow them to transition.  The parents are victims, too.

Here’s the link:

The Trans Ego: Why Allies are Becoming TERFS

Wow, I wish I had written this myself!  I couldn’t agree more! This is an article from “Women are Human” by a “guest author” … I don’t know who the author is or else I would name her.  Whoever she is, she expresses the thoughts & feelings of so many of us.

I remember when I was a trans-ally & in some ways, I STILL AM, since I believe in civil rights for all people, but as a feminist, I care more about women than any other group of people & that’s just the way it is.

Here’s the link to this fabulous article:

The Trans Ego: Why Allies are Becoming TERFs

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