About Me


I decided that my blogs had to be revamped.  I needed to start blogging EVERY DAY.  I read some people’s blogs & they’re not even blogging about much of anything.  I keep a diary & I write on a daily basis & I don’t write about anything either.  The trick to blogging is to take that private daily diary & put it out here on the internet.

I am a 55-year-old woman who is on SSI/SSD.  I am on SS because of Bipolar Disease 1, arthritis & migraines.  I live with 3 cats & my son, who is in college.  I have two college degrees & I am a freelance writer.  One of my regular gigs is writing the “Seeing the Signs” column for the Pagan Pages ezine.  I am not so much a pagan as I am a spiritual feminist.  I have no use for the patriarchy whatsoever.  I am passionate about radical feminism.

My other blogs are “Chasing the Queen”, about Mary Queen of Scots, & “sonnets”, which speaks for itself.  They too, need attention.

Right now my big project is transcribing my handwritten diary into word & saving into onto a flash drive.  I have finished my childhood diary & all of the 80’s & am working my way through the 90’s.  I am thinking of how I can turn this into a novel.  I thought of starting still another blog which would be the novel itself but I am not sure if I am ready to take that step.

Other interests I have are cooking, needlework, collecting books & images of the Goddess.  I love to hunt & fish but this is the first fall season that I am not hunting.  I take two long walks everyday.  I love being outdoors, whether I am in the city or the country.