Once again, I am ashamed to be an American

Joe Biden continues Trump’s anti-humanistic border policies.

I have to ask … how much of his devout Catholicism is a show? Because this is definitely not the act of a Christian … or any spiritual person.

US Border Patrol agents herding Haitian refugees like cattle. AP Photo by Felix Marquez.

Instead of doing the right thing & allowing everyone who wants to come to the United States & become citizens of our country, like so many others were allowed to do, Biden is allowing the Republicans to scare him into keeping the borders closed so he doesn’t appear to be “soft” on immigration, whatever the fuck that means. Well, it means nobody is allowed into the United States who isn’t white, that’s what it means. Look at the men on the horses. Look at the men on the ground.

Do the right thing already! Let these poor people in! & stop treating them like cattle! WTF, you don’t even treat cattle like that!

Reported by Patrick Martin on the World Socialist Website.

Link here ~~~~> https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2021/09/21/immi-s21.html?pk_campaign=newsletter&pk_kwd=wsws

Diane Shaw on Trans “faith”

Back in June, I read an blog post by Diana Shaw on the “Women are Human” blog that interested me but at the time, I was too busy to write a blog about it myself. I simply copied & pasted it into a Word document & saved it.

Going through my Word files, I found it & thought that it would be appropriate to post it today … being a Sunday & all, when so many people are listening to one kind of sermon or another.

Diana Shaw writes: “Transactivists say what they say for religious reasons. The idea that there is a female within a male body requires faith to believe, as there is no evidence of this phenomenon. The belief that a person’s soul can transcend their body by faith, mantras (“trans women are women, trans men are men”) or works (hormones and/or surgery) is a faith. We have science on our side showing there are two sexes, all humans belong to one of the two sexes, and humans cannot change sex. We need to challenge transactivism on the basis that we should not be required to believe and practice this religion.” (Women are Human blog, June 4, 2021)

I am in total agreement with this statement.

Unlike homosexuality, which is a sexual orientation, & therefore biologically based, what used to be called trans-sexuality & is now called transgenderism, has no biological basis whatsoever. Gender is a social & cultural construct which promotes gender stereotypes; transgender activism embraces these gender stereotypes. Why anyone ~ especially so-called “liberals” ~ would want to promote & perpetuate these antiquated & ridiculous stereotypes is beyond me & most true feminists.

Gender & sex are not the same thing. It gets on my nerves to see the terms used interchangeably like they are. I don’t have a gender. I have a sex. I am a WOMAN. A adult human female.

Yes, it makes sense that transactivism is a religion. & like most religions, if you speak out against it, you’re shunned ~ you’re attacked ~ you have vile names attached to you ~ you are told you are “transphobic” ~ even if you refuse to convert to this religion & have no intention of ever converting.


Shaw, Diana.  “College Fights Federal Directive That ‘Trans’ Students May Share Dorms, Showers With Other Sex”. Women are Human, June 4, 2021.

How stupid is THIS?

A law professor … he doesn’t say where he teaches … is now going to use “they” for the singular “you”.

Never mind that “they” is plural & therefore is grammatically incorrect usage for less than two people.


You’d think that a law professor would KNOW BETTER.

I have a paralegal degree & one of the things that was drilled into me was CORRECT WORD USAGE, since using the wrong word the wrong way could lead to losing your case in court.

Maybe things are different now in these new times of woke-ness & being polite to TRA’s.

Personally, I refuse to use plural pronouns for a singular person. So sue me.

Link here ~~~~~> https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/09/15/until-im-told-otherwise-i-prefer-call-you-they/?utm_campaign=wp_week_in_ideas&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&wpisrc=nl_ideas

The New Gay Liberation Front

I read about this on the Women Are Human blog, to which I subscribe. After reading the article about this new organization, I clicked on the link & went to their website.

I subscribed to their newsletter.

They are pro-gay & lesbian, pro-biological sex, pro-single-sex spaces. This is an organization that means to uphold homosexuality, either male or female … not transgender ideology.

Link here ~~~~> https://www.glfusa.org/#/

Link to the original article at the Women are Human blog ~~~> https://www.womenarehuman.com/the-new-gay-liberation-front/

logo copied & pasted from the Women are Human blog.

The Fight Against Gender Ideology – Bill Board Chris on the Streets

I don’t usually sit through podcasts but this one is worth it.

What really stood out to me was that millions of children are going to be permanently sterilized. In a way … this is genocide. Millions of people unable to reproduce, millions of babies never born.

Where’s the Right To Life Movement for this one?

Dead Wild Roses

Apparently the Odysee player does not embed in wordpress.  Take a gander at the interview of Billboard Chris and his experience of trying raise awareness about the ill effects of gender ideology on children and what’s happening in Canada.


30:18-1:09 is the interview with Chris.

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No F*ng Way “Alana” is a WOMAN.

This is so WRONG.

Transgender Alana McLaughlin “won” “her” debut in Mixed Marshal Arts. “She” is not the first transgender pretending to be a woman so HE can beat up women, but expect “her” to become a star in this …. sport.

Gimme a break already! That’s a man!

Not only is Alana a man, but he is a Veteran of the United States Army Special Forces & he didn’t start to transition until after he left the Army. So all that muscle mass & bulk & physical training hasn’t gone away. It doesn’t disappear when a man starts taking hormones & declares that he’s a she.

F*ng cheater.

How long before a WOMAN (& no, I won’t say “ciswoman” because that frames women on THEIR terms) is killed in a sporting event by one of these cheating bullies? `


Women deserve their own sports, their own places, their own shelters, their own SEX-BASED rights & privileges. A man who says he’s a woman is NOT a woman & has no place there.

If these guys don’t want to be the men they are, that doesn’t mean they are automatically women. The term “TRANS” has meaning. Why aren’t there transgender sports? Why do these guys have to muscle in on the women?

Gee … maybe because they’re cheating bullies?

The article is in the New York Post. Link here ~~~~~> https://nypost.com/2021/09/11/transgender-fighter-alana-mclaughlin-wins-mma-debut/

Trans People, Trans Ideology and Trans Women

Very informative & on the mark. I can attest that the trans-identifying men with whom I am acquainted do not adhere to the trans-ideology; they do not insist that they are actual women nor adhere to the mantra “Transwomen are women”. I respect that because they are walking a very fine line & that takes courage.

Gender Critical Greens

As with discussing any topic, debate about the trans gender issue and its meeting with women’s rights has to start by defining terms.  Without this, we will inevitably find ourselves talking at cross purposes, writes Caitlin Collins.

I will focus here on trans women, ie men who wish to be identified as women, rather than trans men, ie women who wish to be identified as men. This is because it is trans-identifying men who are causing the most disruption in society because their demands bring them into conflict with women’s rights: a man demanding to be accommodated in a women’s prison causes more disruption – and is a more likely occurrence – than a woman demanding to be accommodated in a men’s prison.

Sex and gender

First, we need to distinguish between a person’s sex and their gender. The terms are often used interchangeably, sometimes because gender is considered a…

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