The question is WHY

There’s so much chaos going on that it’s easy to get confused.  & of course, it’s the holidays.  It’s really easy to say, I’m burned out with politics – I’m just going to shop til I drop & then I’m going to bake cookies & have mocha lattes & sing my favorite holiday songs.  & why not?  Do we not all feel a sense of powerlessness?  Way beyond what we ever felt in any AA meeting?

But I can’t help thinking.  Sleepless in my single bed, I think as I listen to the winds whipping off Lake Erie as the digital clock flips one minute after another.  WHY do they want to end “Net Neutrality”?  What is the purpose of making the internet slower & more expensive for the average consumer, not to mention hundreds if not thousands of small businesses & millions of non-profits (such as libraries) who depend on a free & open internet?  Not to mention colleges & universities?  All these places will have to charge more for their services or close up completely.

At the same time, there is this odious so-called “tax reform” bill working its way through congress.  It ends all kinds of deductions for higher education, charitable giving, & other things that benefit the rapidly declining middle class & quickly growing lower class.  But if you have a private jet, you can write that off!  YAY!

I have to ask myself, WHY?  Why are they – the rich people running our country – the congressmen & senators & the donor class that fund them – so intent on ruining things for everyone else?

Ending “net neutrality” & making it harder for people in the middle classes to get the tax breaks they need to continue their education or pay off their mortgage isn’t going to Make America Great Again.  It is, in fact, going to ruin what’s left of the economy.

WHY?  Why do they want to do this?

Are these people so anti-science that they want to get rid of research in America?  Because it’s graduate students who do the bulk of the research in American universities.  & if they can’t write off their tuition anymore, then they won’t be able to afford to go to school anymore.  & they won’t be able to work on their own anymore – like I have been these past six years – because either the internet will be too expensive or too slow or the sites needed for research will be censored.

Is this the reasons why?

Libertarians believe everything should be privately funded.  They don’t believe in paying taxes & they don’t believe in public anything – no libraries, busses, trains, schools – anything that benefits the public good.  In a libertarian world, all the roads would be privately owned & you would pay a toll every time you wanted to travel somewhere or you would stay home.

Our government is now in the hands of Libertarians.  If you don’t believe me, look up the biographies of the Koch Brothers and the Mercers, to name the two biggest donors of the GOP.  There are others but these are the main two.   Rand Paul, Betsy Devos, Paul Ryan are all Libertarians.  They do not believe that the government has a duty to help the citizens, the people who they are sworn to represent.  Have you noticed that nobody even uses the word “citizen” anymore?  We are all “consumers”.  We don’t even rate as members of our own country anymore.

Keep asking WHY.  I know, it seems amazing that our government would want to blow up our own economy but there has been LOTS of amazing & unbelievable things that has happened in America since I was born in 1960 & I would believe almost anything now.  Who would believe that a reality TV personality with a sprayed-on orange tan & the worst toupee known to man would get elected to the highest position in America?

If you want to join the battle to save Net Neutrality, here’s a link:

Never stop asking WHY.   #resist.

When Women’s Rights Are #NotaDebate

Great stuff here. A must-read.

Not The News in Briefs

When there is conflict between trans rights and women’s rights (such as whether toilets and changing rooms should be segregated by ‘sex’ or ‘gender’) an open debate should be encouraged to ascertain how best to accommodate the rights of both parties. This hasn’t happened, and it hasn’t happened in a big way, so it’s worth looking at how and why the debate has been stifled.

The Gender Recognition Act 2004 gave trans people a right to be legally recognised as the opposite sex. The Equality Act 2010 gave the characteristic of ‘gender reassignment’ a protected category status. At that time ‘gender reassignment’ essentially meant ‘sex change’ – the language used in the Act refers to transsexuals, and people understood ‘trans’ to mean a transition of some sort, usually (at that time) from male to female. The Act was for a person who was ‘…proposing to undergo, is undergoing or has…

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Pastors go into Mooregasms to Defend Roy Moore

This writer is a navy chaplain. I read his blog whenever he posts, which is almost on a daily basis. Always interesting & informative.

I agree with everything he says here. & wow … that’s totally fabulous, naming those churches. Up north here, you know there’s some Catholics who are on board with that kind of stuff.

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Today was a fascinating day to catch up on events, particularly from the panty and pussy obsessed scion of the American Christian Right former Judge Roy Moore.

I have to tell you. At one time in my life and ministry I would have been both surprised and shocked to see so many allegedly Bible believing Christian pastors mount a defense of a man who by his own admission as an adult in his 30s sought out teenage girls. When one complained about his sexual advance he told her: “no one will believe you” because he was a prosecutor and she was just a girl. But then, that was the 1970s, no-one believed women who were assaulted, molested, or even raped. In a sense he was right, and even now, some 40 years later Moore has found that his most strident allies, apart from Fox News…

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Insurgent Feminism

FARC’s Insurgent Feminism.  From Upside Down World.  Feminism in Colombia.  an article by Kimberley J. Brown.

This is the part I particularly liked:

“For Insurgent Feminism, fighting for gender equality goes beyond creating progressive laws that encourage women to study, own land, or control their own finances — although it does entail all of these things. But it also means fighting the capitalist system, which has played a major role in fomenting gender roles in society, keeping women away from the means of production, and, consequently, their ability to take control of their own lives. This is even more true for working class women.

“According to their Thesis on Women and Gender, what feminism under capitalism has done is create the circumstances for some women — mainly middle and upper class — to enjoy certain individual freedoms.

“But the guerrilla feminist movement, staying true to its Marxist ideology, looks for real structural transformation in society to liberate all women. This can only be achieved by changing the distribution of wealth, overcoming gendered divisions of labor, and understanding the current and historic role of women in society.”

Read the entire article.  It’s very informative & inspiring.

Reblogging From Helen Steel

This is about a book fair in the UK.  For me, the truly interesting part is the end, where she shares the pamphlet she was handing out.  If you are interested in the erasure of women & words that describe women, women’s functions & women as a class in & of themselves, you will be interested in this.

I was in the process of writing a longer article around the events at the Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday, but I am also trying to stay on top of the rest of my life while dealing with the horrendous bullying of people around me which is underway by some trans activists and allies. I have […]

via Statement on events at Anarchist Bookfair 2017 – By Helen Steel — SOLIDARITY WITH HELEN STEEL

Dear Posterity

Like living in a parallel universe. I think MANY of us feel exactly the same way.

Another one of my favorite blogs. Great writing here.

his vorpal sword

Dear Posterity,

You, of course, knew that I was right all along about Guccifer 2.0.

Inside story: How Russians hacked the Democrats’ emails

—  WASHINGTON (AP) … [Guccifer 2.0] appeared particularly excited to hear on June 24 that his leaks had sparked a lawsuit against the DNC by disgruntled supporters of Clinton rival Bernie Sanders. “Can it influence the election in any how?” he asked a journalist with Russia’s Sputnik News, in uneven English.

Later that month Guccifer 2.0 began directing reporters to the newly launched DCLeaks site, which was also dribbling out stolen material on Democrats. When WikiLeaks joined the fray on July 22 with its own disclosures the leaks metastasized into a crisis, triggering intraparty feuding that forced the resignation of the DNC’s chairwoman and drew angry protests at the Democratic National Convention. Guccifer 2.0, WikiLeaks and DCLeaks ultimately published more than 150,000 emails stolen from more than a dozen Democrats, according to an AP…

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