Trans People, Trans Ideology and Trans Women

Very informative & on the mark. I can attest that the trans-identifying men with whom I am acquainted do not adhere to the trans-ideology; they do not insist that they are actual women nor adhere to the mantra “Transwomen are women”. I respect that because they are walking a very fine line & that takes courage.

Gender Critical Greens

As with discussing any topic, debate about the trans gender issue and its meeting with women’s rights has to start by defining terms.  Without this, we will inevitably find ourselves talking at cross purposes, writes Caitlin Collins.

I will focus here on trans women, ie men who wish to be identified as women, rather than trans men, ie women who wish to be identified as men. This is because it is trans-identifying men who are causing the most disruption in society because their demands bring them into conflict with women’s rights: a man demanding to be accommodated in a women’s prison causes more disruption – and is a more likely occurrence – than a woman demanding to be accommodated in a men’s prison.

Sex and gender

First, we need to distinguish between a person’s sex and their gender. The terms are often used interchangeably, sometimes because gender is considered a…

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