This is so F*ckd Up

I had to share “Plastic Surgeons Advertise Procedures to Free ‘Non-Binary’ People of All Genitals” but there was no way to reblog, so I hope Diana Shaw of Women Are Human blog doesn’t mind me doing this.

I have always been against the Plastic Surgery Industry. I don’t think it’s medicine at all, & while there are some very rare cases where these kinds of procedures may be lifesaving (reconstructing a person’s face so they can breathe properly, for instance), most procedures are for vanity only and absolutely of no use whatsoever except to make the so-called doctor wealthy. When you consider the plastic surgery nightmares of people like Michael Jackson (I remember when he was a cute kid!) or Phyllis Diller or so many other celebrities who may not go under the knife but ruin their faces with numerous shots of Botox, the Plastic Surgery industry is a cultural curse.

I have seen in it with my own eyes. Beautiful girls – lovely young women – borrow money – thousands of dollars – to get bigger breasts – sometimes to get bigger derrieres as well. They were perfectly fine just the way they were. But they wanted to conform to the cultural ideal that says that the perfect woman has big breasts, a small waist & a large round butt.

As someone who had this body naturally, I can testify that it was more of a curse than a blessing. Nobody takes you seriously when you have large breasts & this is really all they ever see of you. They certainly never listen to a word you say. All you are is a sexy body & a pretty face.

& now this trans thing. Big Pharma has been all too happy to medicate our children & youth because of their so-called “dysphoria”, playing into their parents’ confusion & willingness to give their already-spoiled kids whatever they want, so of course the Plastic Surgery Industry is right there, singing the same damn song.

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Nah, none of that matters anymore. It’s all about the almighty dollar & who cares about the patient. Or society at large.

& honestly, WHY does anyone NEED to be freed of their genitals? I mean, really? If you think your genitals are something from which you need to be freed, then it’s not your genitals that are the problem! You have a WHOLE ‘NOTHER ISSUE!

But, no … just cut them off.

We are a very sick society. That’s the sad truth.

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