Another episode of “Hillary Was Right”

Today’s show is called: “Elections have consequences”, in which it is pounded into our heads that when you go to vote for president, it’s not about the person with whom you would like to have a few beers; or the person you think would be the most entertaining; or the person you think would give the opposition party the biggest fight; or the one who is the more good-looking with the better wardrobe. When you vote for any person for any public office, it’s a job interview & you’re supposed to be voting the person you would hire – the best person – the most qualified person – for the job. Not the most entertaining person or the person you want to drink with or the person with the best wardrobe.

Of course, I know people – some in my own family – who didn’t vote for Hilary Clinton because what just happened in Texas is exactly what they have been praying to happen & their prayers won’t end until it’s law writ large on the entire United States.

There’s a good op-ed on the Washington Post about this very subject by Colbert I. King. link here ~~~~~>

3 thoughts on “Another episode of “Hillary Was Right”

  1. Yes! Thank you. So annoyed at the people who were like “Meh, it’s not gonna make a difference if it’s Hillary or Trump that’s President!” Is it effing making a difference now? Trump’s judges are going to affect our lives for years to come.

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