Trans Diaper Furry ‘Artist’ Speaking in Elementary Schools in Canada

This is utterly egregious. This is trying to normalize kink. If you’re into this kind of sh*t, hey whatever, but do NOT bring it anywhere NEAR children!

This is why we used to have red-light zones in cities. Because you have areas that are for ADULTS ONLY. You have lifestyles that are for ADULTS ONLY.

& honestly … all this talk about coming out of the closet … there was a lot good parties in the closet. I’m old enough to remember. Maybe opening those doors WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA. I don’t know about you but inviting kids to the party is not A GOOD FUCKING IDEA!


Dead Wild Roses

As an Educator I wonder about the appropriateness of scheduling a talk in an elementary school by someone who gets off by shitting in a diaper and then drawing furry art about that very act. Reduxx has featured a piece about what is happening here in Canada:

“Since then, Labelle has posted photos from inside school classrooms and libraries where his events have already taken place, all of which seem to primarily involve an audience of young children.

While the names of the institutions Labelle has already spoken at have not yet been confirmed by Reduxx, a post by Labelle on the French-language Facebook account for Assigned Male states the schools were in Gaspésie, or the Gaspé region of Quebec.”

“But in February of 2021, Labelle came under widespread scrutiny after it was discovered that he had quietly been producing and posting diaper fetish art on stealth social media…

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5 thoughts on “Trans Diaper Furry ‘Artist’ Speaking in Elementary Schools in Canada

  1. Hello Polly. I read through this and then googled the artist, and read a few other insulting hateful posts that totally mislabeled the art, her, and these groups. But what no one mentioned was what the artist was talking at the schools about but these misleading articles imply as you did that, she was indoctrinating the kids in kink. Oh my Gods, the horror! But it is not so. Her talk is not on Furries is it? It is not on littles nor about any adult sexual role playing. All of which is legal. Many furry communities are not even sexual. Furries are people who have an interest in anthropomorphic animals, or animals with human qualities.

    Sophie Labelle is at these schools to talk about being transgender and her experiences as a transgender person. She has art / comic books about the trans experience based on her own. She is with other people, not alone to have or talk to kids about diaper sex. Her books have been vetted. Again this is a made up outrage against a person for no valid reason other than trans-hatred. You may not like her off time fun stuff, but she is not at the schools to talk about that, is she? This is really a made up outrage worthy of Fox right wing media and the Christian right over lesbian or gay teachers in the classrooms. If you don’t want people to make up fake outrage over your life, don’t do it over theirs. Attack them with the truth, not slander and innuendo. Attack her school approved transgender books for kids part by part, after you read them. Argue the points as best you can. But to insinuate the incorrect and malicious lies that what she drew in other places means that is what she is giving to kids is below you. Best wishes and be well.

  2. It is totally inappropriate for children of ANY, whether or not it is kink or anything else.

    Children do not need to learn about being transgender. IT ONLY CONFUSES THEM.

    They do not need to learn about sexuality at all before the age of ten or so. Yes, I know they may have curiosity in those areas, but that does not mean they are ready to learn about these concepts.

    Trans-rights is not the same as this trans-ideology that is now being rammed through the courts, changing the way we teach our children & allow boys & men to participate & dominate women’s sports. I fully support trans-rights but I will fight with every breath I have this odious trans-ideology that is anti-woman & anti-child.

    If you can’t tell the difference, well that’s not my fault. Maybe you don’t want to see the difference. But there is a BIG difference between trans-rights & trans-ideology.

    As for what is happening in some of the schools, I thought I would never say this but you’re not a parent, for all I know you’re not even an uncle. You may have no children in your life at all. I mean, I don’t know, so I can’t make any kind of assumptions at all so I won’t. I have raised children. Soon I’ll be a grandmother. The welfare of children & their proper education is very close to my heart. Before I was a mother, I had worked in the sex industry … I had a huge collection of erotic literature, all kinds of cool kinky shit, lots of stuff. But I got rid of that stuff as soon as my son was old enough to begin reading (which was young) & start snooping around. This is RESPONSIBLE behavior when you are a parent. This is RESPONSIBLE behavior for ANY ADULT.


    An adult dressing up as a “Furry” to promote transgender ideology to young children is not responsible behavior. It is, in face, totally fucking stupid. C’mon, would you do that? Be honest. Would you? How do you have any respect for a person like that? YOU DON’T.
    This is not about hate. I’m not being hateful. I feel sorry for that person. I really do. Pity is not hate.

  3. & I never said anything against trans acceptance. In fact, I said I was for trans rights. Again, you’re amazingly patronizing. But I’m not surprised. It’s called mansplaining.

  4. Schools – elementary in Canada means primary as well – are actively promoting trans ideology that replaces the facts of biological sex with gender feelings. Because gender feelings in children (as in, “Is this trait/behaviour/characteristic/toy/clothes/ and so on considered masculine or feminine?”) are often a mix and match assortment, OF COURSE children are particularly susceptible to believing adults who tell them these feelings indicate a spectrum across biological sex. So we see these gender terms being taught to children (cis-this and terf-that, assigned sex, conforming and non conforming, non binary, yada, yada, yada) as if they were the approved way of talking about biological sex. What you won’t hear is clarity: sex is binary with male and female, gender is fluid with masculine and feminine.

    Because this ideological language intentionally reverses sex with gender to cause confusion, to conflate feelings with fact (sex – the biological fact – precedes gender – the social construct based on ‘typical’ related behaviour and preferences), it justifies the perversion of making feelings more important than facts. And we see this inversion play out in society where what’s true doesn’t matter but what is felt is paramount. This has a very real cost such ideologues as Scottie and Labelle simply wave away caring not one iota that demands that females always yield in reality and in all ways to the feelings of these males.

    So primary education is ripe for ideological takeover and that’s why such ideologues like Labelle are given access to children. (And he attributes laws made by Republicans but supported by the majority of all citizens against exactly this indoctrination to be bigotry!) Again and again, and again, we see the same tactics used to promote totalitarian religious belief in liberal democracies under the guises of tolerance and human rights pay off when used and defended by trans ideologues to replace fact with fiction. Ironically, gay ideologues like Scottie are absolutely oblivious that gay kids are at the front of this gender line to transition into the ‘right’ bodies. The Ayatollahs must be very proud that their sex change laws matches and is justified by these anti-liberal gender ‘progressives’.

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