The Unspoken Homophobia Propelling the Transgender Movement in Children.

This article is from Quillette, which is a conservative outlet, but they have some common-sense writings on their site.  (not everything).   This article is written by Debra Soh.

I’ve been saying this exact thing for quite a while now.  Parents are pushing their children into being “trans” because they can’t handle the thought of them being “gay” or “lesbian”.   It’s just a different kind of Gay Conversion Therapy.  A particularly sick one.

Or they’re going along with their child’s “dysphoria” because they’ve been told their kid will “commit suicide” if they do not allow them to transition.  The parents are victims, too.

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The Trans Ego: Why Allies are Becoming TERFS

Wow, I wish I had written this myself!  I couldn’t agree more! This is an article from “Women are Human” by a “guest author” … I don’t know who the author is or else I would name her.  Whoever she is, she expresses the thoughts & feelings of so many of us.

I remember when I was a trans-ally & in some ways, I STILL AM, since I believe in civil rights for all people, but as a feminist, I care more about women than any other group of people & that’s just the way it is.

Here’s the link to this fabulous article:

The Trans Ego: Why Allies are Becoming TERFs

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This isn’t Gay Rights. Get The T OUT.

This is the end of women’s sports everywhere.  Trans Rights means the end of Women’s Rights.

This is NOT Gay Rights & this is not Women’s Rights & this is not even Human Rights.


This article points out that Trans-ideology is just gay conversion therapy dressed up in other terms.  If you care about Gay Rights & what the children of the world are being told about sex & gender, maybe you should think about that before you get on the T-train.

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They’re attacking men now

Angelos Sofocleous, a humanist teaching at Durham University, on Twitter about his THREE forced resignations because of trans “activists”:


I hate to say it, but if they’re attacking MEN now, we may have a chance to turn this madness around.  I mean, let’s be real, nobody listens to women, especially feminists, especially radical feminists.  But MEN ….

It is yet a man’s world, no matter what they are wearing or how they identify.

Still, a glimmer of hope.


A Warped Way of Twisting Feminism?

I got in an argument with a Facebook friend today about Feminism.  She put up some meme about how Feminism was about protecting rights for all people or something like that.  The usual: Feminism is for Everyone!  Feminism is for men, transwomen, everyone who could ever be hurt by the patriarchy!  Because patriarchy is so tough on the male gender.

I commented that no, Feminism was about Women’s rights & Women’s issues.  Not that men don’t have their own civil rights issues (I guess) & that trans-women do have civil rights issues to fight for, as do homosexuals & many other people but that’s not Feminism.   Feminism is about Women.

She answered, “… that’s a really warped way of twisting feminism. I have never seen it defined that way. I’m aware of some fringe groups who have expressed ignorance towards trans people but I have never accepted their statements as a part of what the majority of feminists believe or strive for. There were feminists who didn’t want to include women of color or lesbian women and the movement certainly evolved beyond that and continues to evolve as we all learn more and come to appreciate new identities and new ways of being.”

OK, I’ve been reading books & articles about Feminism since 1970 (at least) & I took classes about Feminism at the State University of New York at Buffalo’s Women’s Study College – renamed the Gender Studies College in 1984 & currently called the Global Gender Studies Program – which gave me a firm foundation not only in Feminist Theory but also Marxist-Leninist collectivist theory, cultural gender studies, the politics of white supremacy & the beauty of lesbian love.  I also read women writers – many that I had heard of & many more that I was new to & grew to love.

I also said that there is no such thing as a “lady brain” & a “man brain” & to think along those lines is perpetuating the very patriarchal thinking that Feminism is trying to eradicate & has been trying to FOR YEARS & YEARS.

This Facebook friend – who is no longer a friend, since debates on Facebook always seem to end that way! – is about 30 years younger than me.  I always find it interesting that younger women seem to think that they invented Feminism – or they’ve reinvented it -because we older women don’t know what it is or should be.  & I also find it interesting that they think that trans-people never existed before the 21st century.  I mean, give me a break!  She – & another friend who joined in to school me on what I should be reading & how I should be thinking – seemed to think that I had stopped learning in 1980 or something.  & that I was just some old fuddy-duddy who didn’t know anything.

She also said, “Feminism needs to evolve & grow beyond the binary of male & female.”  I disagree.  Feminism doesn’t need to evolve & grow at all.  Feminism is fine working to promote the rights & issues of women & women alone.   & honestly – there is no other binary except male & female.  Women have XX chromosomes & men have XY chromosomes & that’s the way it works. You can change your hair, your breasts, your voice, your clothing – but you’re not going to be able to change those chromosomes.  & there’s other things you can’t change as well – which I’m not getting into here.  You can say all you like that there are other genders – that there are 4 or 5 or 6 or how many you want – but again – that’s a cultural construct – that’s not sex.  When it comes to sex – we’re talking biology.  Not gender.  There is no such thing as a “lady brain” or a “man brain”.  We’re not color-coded pink or blue.

Why do so many women feel the need to include men in feminism?  Is it because they are in a relationship with men?  Because they think the transgender ideology is groovy & cool & they want to be part of the in crowd?  I don’t know.  But being a crone, I don’t care.   I am at the age where I just end the conversation & move along.

Because I AM a feminist.  Since I was 10 years old.


On Being Comfortable

I started college in 1978 – I went to The State University of New York at Buffalo & I lived at the Ellicott Complex in the Red Jacket Quad – if you’re into science fiction, this is the place for you.  Anyway, I remember that there were two bathrooms on my floor – a men’s facility two doors from my room, which was at the very end of the hall right by the stairwell – a terrible location – & the women’s bathroom, which was all the way at the other end – really not a far walk BUT if you woke up in the middle of the night & had a wicked pee, it seemed like a really long way, so I used to pop into the men’s room – into a stall, out of a stall – & back to my room.  Usually there was no one else in there or maybe someone was taking a middle-of-the-night shower.  Not once did I pass a guy at the urinals although at that Janis Joplin stage of my life, it probably wouldn’t have bothered me.

The people it bothered were the MEN.  The R.A. on my hall told me that the men had protested that I was using THEIR bathroom, & that I was to stop doing it, even though it was only once in a while & only in the middle of the night.  Naturally I argued about it.  I said that we were all adults & presumably polite adults & IF YOU GO INTO THE BATHROOM TO DO YOUR BUSINESS, THAT’S WHAT YOU DO.  In & out.  I couldn’t understand the problem then & I still don’t.  I put forth the idea of unisex bathrooms but of course that was laughed off.

So these guys must have moved down to the Carolinas or something.  Half of Buffalo & the rest of New York State migrated south, I know that.  I read the paper & all these articles about “bathroom bills” & I have to think, really?  In the twenty-first century, we’re still worried about the damn bathroom?

People frame it in different ways & it comes down to several different issues:  protecting children.  Protecting the sensitive feelings of others.  Protecting people’s sense of privacy.

This morning, I read this:   & it got me to thinking.  Take a minute to read it.

I live in Buffalo, NY, which is going through a “renaissance” of sorts … I’ve lived here many years & I’ve seen this before … but there’s lots of new construction going on & lots of old places being remodeled into newer, better places.  One thing I have noticed is that many places  – bars, restuarants – are going to a “unisex” bathroom idea.  One big bathroom, with stall doors low enough to the floor that a person cannot peer underneath, & large wash areas with a common mirror & even a changing table that both fathers & mothers can access, since many men are now changing the diapers!  The first place I saw do this was The Steer, at the end of my street, several years ago now.  My idea from 1978-79.  People used to tell me I was crazy & laugh at me but here we are.

& remember all the ERA nonsense?  We couldn’t have an Equal Rights Amendment because of bathrooms?

Here we are in 2016 & the anti-women forces are still talking about bathrooms.  & it IS the anti-women forces.  Don’t be fooled by anything they say about protecting you or me or our children.  It seems to Aunt Polly that whoever came up with these “bathroom bills” remembered how the ERA was derailed by bathroom issues very well.  Here’s an article from Thinkprogress citing this very fact:

Anyone who knows me knows that I believe that you can’t turn a man into a woman by changing his body parts & you can’t turn a woman into a man & all that.  I just don’t buy it & that’s the way it is.  Call me a TERF, call me transphobic, call me anything the fuck you want – I really don’t care – I’ve heard worse.  You have your beliefs & I have mine & I happen to have biology on my side.  BUT on a practical level, there have been people like this all around us FOREVER & it’s about time we as a culture started growing up & dealing with our icky feelings about it.  Not mine per se … Aunt Polly is always practical.  & she knows that feelings come & feeling go.  & it doesn’t matter how I FEEL about a person, I still have to treat that person with love & respect.

As for protecting children, ANY child any can get molested ANYWHERE by ANYONE of ANY GENDER.  & usually it’s someone the child knows very well.  A relative or a member of their church or someone at their school or a coach or a scout master or a neighbor.  THAT’S THE SAD TRUTH & THE SOONER WE AS A CULTURE OWN THIS TRUTH WE WILL BE ABLE TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN.  But blaming transpeople for child molestation is totally ridiculous.  I mean, has this ever actually happened?  Really?

As for protecting the sensitive feelings of others, it seems that there’s WAY TOO MUCH of this lately.  Grow the fuck up already!  Stop FEELING so much & start THINKING.  Read & learn & analyze.  Get out of your own neighborhood & out of your car & take a walk.  Put down the phone & open your eyes & your ears.  STFU already!  Listen to the world!  When you’re feeling all the time, you can’t do anything else.  & feelings change.  Aunt Polly has kept a diary since the age of 10 & she is now soon to be 56 years of age & I can tell you that in those 55 years, her feelings have changed radically – up & down, back & forth, sometimes embarrassingly so!  Feelings don’t really matter.  It’s what you think & we as a culture seem to have forgotten all about THINKING.

About privacy.  I do understand those issues, in fact, this is why Aunt Polly doesn’t join a gym herself.  I don’t want to get sweaty & then shower with anyone – women, men, trans – it doesn’t matter to me – I want to be alone.  & honestly, if I was somewhere where I wanted to be private & I saw a man’s penis, I might just have to get angry about that.  I think I probably would.  Men have been showing me their dicks since I was a little girl & I really don’t want to see them anymore.  Put those things away!  Nobody cares about your precious members!  Get over yourselves already!

The aforementioned article gave me hope that people can work out this idiotic bathroom issue – of course the bathrooms mentioned were in the Hudson Valley area of New York State as opposed to North Carolina or Tennessee or one of the other Bible belt states.  However, it doesn’t matter where you live.  There are idiots everywhere.  & there are people who are willing to try to work things out.  Which one are you?  I know who I am.