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Nothing Alters the Psychology of Dictatorship

Hart’s description’s of the dictator does indeed describe trump & his first fifteen months in office.  But the reason WHY trump was allowed to get ANYWHERE near the GOP presidential election goes back to Reagan in the 1960’s.  Allowing a half-baked B-movie actor to become the Governor of California was the first step in our demise as a great nation.

But this is a really good read & I suggest you read it.  We are not in a good place … even if trump doesn’t last until 2020, the damage he has wrought is real & lasting.  & he didn’t start this shit.  It started over FIFTY YEARS AGO.  It’s been brewing a long time, children.

The assault on our educational system started with Reagan.  The assault on everything started with Reagan.  The idea that if you give huge tax breaks to the richest of the rich, then prosperity would follow would everyone else … on a national level, that started with Reagan.  Look around you.  How does almost forty years of this BS look to you?  I live in Buffalo.  This used to be a beautiful city.  & don’t give me that “NY & its high taxes” crapola to me!  Taxes are what you pay so that you live in a civilized place!  So that everyone has a nice place to live!  Not just the rich!

Two generations have grown up since 1980.  They’re the ones ripe for totalitarian rule.  They’ve never seen a properly functioning government.  One with proper taxes and one that cares about its people.  They want somebody to step in & be the fucking adult.  Build the bridges & fix the roads.  Make the trains run on time.   End student debt.  Medicare for all.  I personally think they would welcome Pennywise if he delivered these things.  Look at all the idiots who voted for trump & he hasn’t delivered shit.

I’m an old woman, a crone.  I voted in my first presidential election in 1980 & no, I did not vote for Reagan!  But I knew he was going to win.  & it’s been downhill ever since.  I would really like to see a turnaround in this country before I die.  I figure I might have another twenty or thirty years.  I rarely look into my crystal ball but … I am not all that optimistic about what we, as Americans, are facing.   Honestly, I do not like the looks of what I see at all.

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A couple of weeks ago I re-read the short but poignant little but by the British military historian B.H. Liddell-Hart entitled Why Don’t We Learn from History. The book was written in not long before his death in 1970 and it is good quite good. It deals with a number of issues, including the conflict between history and propaganda; or when faith, especially religious faith as treated as historic or scientific fact; and when propaganda or faith is preached as if it were history, if it were truth. In doing this he also contrasted democracy and lure of totalitarianism.

Liddell-Hart was a realist, especially about democracy and totalitarianism. He served on the Western Front in the First World War and was wounded in a German gas attack. Between the wars he was one of the theorists of armored warfare and the…

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When Is It Ever Gonna End?

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Obviously he’s no better at playing golf than he is at being president or anything else he’s ever done in his life.  The Greatest Loser.  That’s him.

If you voted for him & you are still on his “team”, then I have no words for you & I really don’t want to be your friend at all.  If you’re a member of my family, then … I’ll hold my tongue.

If you voted for him & you now have “regrets”, because you are losing your healthcare, your HEAP, your Meals on Wheels, your union membership, everything else you thought was sacrosanct, I don’t feel sorry for you at all, because THIS FAT FUCK told you ALL THROUGH HIS CAMPAIGN JUST WHO THE FUCK HE WAS & WHAT HIS VALUES WERE.  & YOU ALL CHEERED.  & to say now, “Gee, I didn’t think he meant it” or “I guess he lied” just shows how you WEREN’T PAYING ATTENTION.  I mean – oh BOO HOO HOO.  Lke the saying goes, get over it, already.  Just who the fuck do you think you were dealing with?  Jesus Christ?

If you voted for Gary Johnson, you are just a selfish asshole & I wouldn’t waste my time on you.  Libertarianism is just a seven-syllable word for selfishness.

If you voted for Jill Stein, I do understand the political motivations for your vote IF you were voting to help the Green Party get to that 5% mark that (for some reason) political parties have to get to get financial funding.  According to http://heavy.com/news/2016/11/how-many-votes-electoral-did-jill-stein-get-in-the-presidential-election/, Stein & the Greens got 1% of the vote, which is really quite an advance for the Greens, up from .036% in 2012.  However, I have to say … you could have voted for a woman who would NOT be stripping healthcare from millions of people.  Who would NOT be ending HEAP payments in the dead of winter.  Who would NOT be ending Meals on Wheels & funding for the arts & NPR & PBS.  & dozens of other things that HELP PEOPLE.

If you decided not to vote at all … you still made a choice.  & you chose that FAT FUCK.  YES, YOU DID.  By choosing to stay home, to stay at work, to go out to lunch instead of packing a lunch & standing in line to vote, to not check into early voting in your state, to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to get your voice heard … you, by your silence, endorsed the hate & the meanness the entire USA is now having to endure.  & not the the US!   He & his band of assholes are going to inflict this on the entire world.  MARK MY WORDS.

Any kind of protest vote you made because you REALLY wanted Bernie Sanders … all I can say is, HE TOLD YOU WHAT HE WANTED YOU TO DO.  & YOU DIDN’T DO IT.  So maybe you weren’t really that much into him, after all.  Maybe you never would have showed up at the polls to vote for him, either.  Who knows?  It’s easy to say, Oh, I would have voted for Bernie … after the fact.  Lots of THAT going around.  & if you voted for that FAT FUCK when you REALLY wanted Bernie, then … you’re just a fucking idiot.  & you probably don’t like women, either.  Not in power, anyway.

Whatever your reasons were … by not choosing Hillary Clinton … & honestly, I DO NOT CARE if you “didn’t like her”.  I do not care if she was not “feminist” enough for you.  I do not care if she was an “old hag” & you’re some dude who only like “hot babes”.  I do not care if you’re a fundamentalist Christian & your only issue is the ending of legal abortion (which won’t end abortion, you fucking moron).  She was the ONLY CHOICE.  By not choosing her, millions of Americans are now going to suffer.  For your fantasy of black & white TV world.  For your magical thinking.  For your idiotic, selfish reasons.  & that’s ALL they were.

I have barely been able to write since the election because of the daily outrages & a depression that has only gotten worse.  But to be quiet is to be complicit.  & I won’t be.  I will NEVER be.  This administration is evil & a scourge upon our nation.