How stupid is THIS?

A law professor … he doesn’t say where he teaches … is now going to use “they” for the singular “you”.

Never mind that “they” is plural & therefore is grammatically incorrect usage for less than two people.


You’d think that a law professor would KNOW BETTER.

I have a paralegal degree & one of the things that was drilled into me was CORRECT WORD USAGE, since using the wrong word the wrong way could lead to losing your case in court.

Maybe things are different now in these new times of woke-ness & being polite to TRA’s.

Personally, I refuse to use plural pronouns for a singular person. So sue me.

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14 thoughts on “How stupid is THIS?

  1. Hello Polly. Well it has been used as singular from at least 1300s. Here is what Meriam-Webster has to say.

    Much has been written on they, and we aren’t going to attempt to cover it here. We will note that they has been in consistent use as a singular pronoun since the late 1300s; that the development of singular they mirrors the development of the singular you from the plural you, yet we don’t complain that singular you is ungrammatical; and that regardless of what detractors say, nearly everyone uses the singular they in casual conversation and often in formal writing.

    The web site does recommend the use of them as more grammatically correct but that they is not incorrect. Hugs

    • Hi Scottie. I happened to find the literary citation where both Miriam-Webster & the Oxford English Dictionary wrongly cite the “they” as singular. It’s from the medieval romance “William and the Werewolf” & the line goes (translated from Middle English), “each man hurried … til they drew near …”
      but “each man” is plural, not singular, even so “they” as plural is perfectly correct. I know that both the Oxford English Dictionary & Miriam-Webster hit on the word “man” as singular, but that’s not how the verse goes … “each man” is definitely PLURAL. I know everyone is trying to turn themselves into pretzels to be all woke nowadays & to be kind to trans-people but this is really F*ng STUPID.

      Sorry, nice try, Miriam-Webster & Oxford English Dictionary, & you too Scottie, but some of us learned our grammar back in the days when WE REALLY LEARNED IT.

      • Hello Polly. The page I pulled the quote from used a letter from Emily Dickerson so I would suggest there is at least more than one source for Miriam-Webster. But that is beside the point. As I have mentioned before words are given meaning by the majority assigning that meaning to them in usage. It is now accepted and has been colloquially all my life ( I am 58 ) to use they as singular in some cases. So to argue otherwise now is to argue semantics. Think of all the words that have changed over the years gain new or different meaning. I have one for you, gay. Yup the meaning of that word sure has changed from gay old time. Hugs

  2. I have NEVER heard of the usage of “they” as singular in any language & there is no citation. I have a degree in English & I have taken more one language, including Latin & German & Russian & Spanish. All these languages are quite precise in how pronouns are used & how singular/plurals are used.

    I have read literature from the 1300s. I do not recall reading a “they” meaning a singular person. Nor have I noticed it anywhere else in any of the literature I have read. “They” is plural. Everyone knows this, except people who insist on magical thinking.

    So Meriam-Webster is on the woke train. Big fucking deal. I never used that dictionary anyway.

    • Hello Polly as I like to make sure I am getting the correct info, I googled is it grammatically correct to use they as a singular pronoun. I got back a bunch of stuff that says yes. Let me share some with you.

      APA endorses the use of “they” as a singular third-person pronoun in the seventh edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. This means it is officially good practice in scholarly writing to use the singular “they.” Oct 31, 2019
      Welcome, singular “they” – APA Style – American …

      This was a great read on the subject, I wont quote it all too long but you might want to give it a read. Does Traditional Grammar Matter When It Comes To Singular “They” And “Themself”?

      Has someone ever asked you to refer to them as they instead of he or she? Or, are you hedging because you can’t possibly refer to one single person as they? Well, what if we told you that they has been used to refer to just one person since at least the 1300s?

      And what if we also told you themself is perfectly acceptable—and in many instances, absolutely respectful? In fact, forms of singular they have become so acceptable (and respectable) that our lexicographers overhauled our entries for they, them, their, theirs, themselves, and themself as part of our biggest dictionary update ever at
      They is also a singular pronoun, and it has been for centuries. Lexicographers have determined that as far back as the 1300s, they and its related forms have been used to refer to an indefinite referent—that is, an unspecified, unknown person.

      For example: Each student should get their supplies ready for class. Each student is singular, but we don’t know (or need to know) the gender or sex identity of each student in this situation, so their is a perfectly handy gender-neutral option.

      Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, and many other beloved writers of the English literary canon used this indefinite singular they. If it was good enough for them, then we say: chill out, modern grammarians. Opposition of the usage is considerably waning these days, though, we should note.

      But, English speakers have been breaking new ground when it comes to they, resourcefully applying this to a specific and known singular, e.g., My best friend from high school is famous now—too bad we didn’t stay in touch after they moved to California. Like I said this page is full of good information. I won’t bother to list anymore of the responses I got, but you may want to do the same search. It is clear that the word people do not agree with you on this one. Best wishes. Hugs

    • Yes, I agree words change meaning over time. But something like this shouldn’t change … & yes, sometimes the plural “they” & “their” do reference a singular as in “the person quoted talked about their situation” … obviously, that person is singular. But the way it’s being twisted now makes the entire meaning meaningless!

      But I think that’s the whole point. If the TRA’s can make words meaningless, then they can make the terms meaningless. “Woman” is meaningless. “Man” is meaningless. “He” & “she” is meaningless. Sexual terms are meaningless. That’s the entire fucking point.

      • Hello Polly. So the truth of the matter is you don’t like it because it is about trans people, the usage is for trans people? Well that is being honest, instead of the claim it is a misusage to use they that way. Are you so worried about this meaningless issue? Are you worried you will become meaningless? I hope not because it is not going to happen. Bisexuality did not make gay meaningless, did not make lesbian meaningless. You say it is being twisted, then the word gay was twisted? As you say words change meanings. It is not a big issue, is it? We don’t speak as they did in the 1600s. Hugs

  3. It is about misusage. It’s about misusage for a political & ideological reason. There’s no reason why trans people – or anyone else – have to use plural pronouns. If you’re a man thinking you’re a woman, wouldn’t you use feminine pronouns? Why use plural pronouns?

    Hey, I guess it’s all part of the magical thinking that everyone is doing now, right? If you want to be plural … you are! You aren’t a you … you’re a THEY! Cuz you said so! just like saying you’re the opposite sex … people are whatever they say they are … whether or not they really are.

    I never said the word “gay” was twisted. The word “gay” was used for homosexuality back in the 1920s, too .. just not in popular usage. Many popular songs using the word “gay” was using it as a double-entendre … it was like that in the movies, too.

    & just WTF does bisexuality have to do with anything?

    Just stop it already.

    • Hello Polly. I am sorry but I may be misunderstanding you. By saying just stop it already do you mean you want me to stop having this discussion with you? Hugs

    • Hello Polly. I guess that I should take this as your answer to conversations on your posts? If this is how you feel, that you cannot back up what you post or are unwilling to discuss the facts of it, then I shouldn’t comment anymore on your posts. Let me know please, I wont be commenting or replying to your posts until I understand your openness to conversations. Best wishes. Hugs

  4. Hi Scotty, no that’s not true. Please keep commenting, of course. & I think I have been backing up what I say on all my posts.

    We are coming from two completely differently places. No matter what, I am on the side of women’s rights & women’s issues. You appear to be on the side of men’s rights & men’s issues, no matter what. That makes sense, you’re a man.

    It’s all good, I don’t want to lose your friendship. hugs.

    • Hello Polly. That is why I asked, I wouldn’t continue a conversation that was upsetting you or unwelcome. That is abusive. I try very hard not to be abusive. My comment about not backing up what you assert was in the idea of not allowing comments. Many people will throw out an opinion but not answer comments or allow comments at all. Makes me suspect their understanding of what they post.

      You are trying to divide this into men vs women. I do not see that. I am looking at this issue through the view of history in what happened in other issues that defied traditions, and using science / reason. The same issues you have brought up were used against gays and lesbians. The fear of being replaced is what the right wing is preaching about brown people coming to the country. I think in 20 years the country will have grown beyond the entire trans issue. Hugs

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