Allies on the right? Are you kidding?

One thing I’ve been hearing a LOT is that gender-critical feminists now “have” to ally themselves with the political right because the “woke” left has abandoned them. There’s lots of (well-deserved) criticism for President Biden’s recent gender legislation & of course, now the radical right contingent in the Senate has taken it up.

Check out this picture. Now you can complain about the lousy science spouted by the “woke” left but this is every bit as bad. There are two SEXES. There are who knows how many genders, seems there’s more everyday. But there’s only two sexes & maybe a third intersex that is very rare & has nothing to do with GENDER.

Obviously, this woman & her office do not understand the difference between sex & gender, which is the same problem that the left is having. Apparently, nobody in America (or the entire world, now) knows the F*ng difference between SEX & GENDER. Except maybe a few of us older feminists & nobody seems to want to listen to us but what’s new on that score, amirite?

My point is, Marjorie Green & her ilk are not allies of feminists or of our issues. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Do not not be fooled.

picture found on Digby’s Hullabaloo

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