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I haven’t posted since … January?  Wow … but if you’re going to rant, you have to be angry & I haven’t been angry, I’ve been depressed.  & nobody wants to hear that shit.

But I saw this today & I thought I’d share … get reasonably pissed off as you laugh


I’m assuming that “MKaplan” is the creator of this meme so credit to that person.  Great meme!

Still, if you’re not totally outraged about the handling of this pandemic, there’s something wrong with you.

3 thoughts on “Saw this on Twitter

  1. Aunt Polly, sadly an underreported story is the relative pandemic math. America has 5% of the global population, but 31% of the COVID-19 cases and 28% of the COVID-19 deaths. Per The Guardian, the rest of the world is “horrified” by America’s response to the pandemic.

    What frustrates me is we lost six weeks to planning with the president telling a pep rally this was a hoax the last day in February, which was the same night as the first official COVID-19 death in the US. Less than three months later we have passed 100,000 and it will still climb.

    Yet, what puzzles me is here is a person who so craves being seen as a great leader, but after being briefed several times by his intelligence people on the pandemic risk in January, instead of actually being the leader we needed, he nay sayed, downplayed and called it a hoax. Instead of being presidential, he chose his modus operandi of misinformation which continues to this day.

    That is what this independent voter sees. And, it will only continue, as we reopen and some will chose not to follow social distancing and other protocols. Keith

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