Fourth Wave Feminism By Nurete Brenner

“Our disconnection with earth is translated into a disregard of the feminine. How far can you go in violating the mother that gave you life?”

NureteMany of us have a growing sense that we are at a crucial inflection point in our civilization and at a crossroads for the future of our planet. I’m not sure if that point needs to be defended, explained or expounded upon. To me it seems completely transparent, glaringly and frighteningly obvious. I live with that knowledge constantly, which translates into grief for the biodiversity that has already been lost and is accelerating; fear for the turmoil and human-made ecological catastrophes that will cause more and more people to lose their land and homes, leading to increased acts of violence towards the vulnerable;  and anger towards the elites of the world who siphon up the resources of our planet for themselves and then barricade themselves behind their wealth. 

Grief, fear, and anger. These are the emotions of the shadow lands and these are the emotions that we usually…

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