Spot the Atheist


The Spartan Atheist

Ask pretty much any modern day atheist about “sending prayers” on Facebook, and you will almost assuredly get an eye roll and a groan.  It generally follows this model: Someone posts about something bad in their life, or in need of something good as an outcome of a situation, and in the comments below are lengthy strings of people just posting “prayers!”, or “praying for you!”, or “sending prayers!” or some other such nonsense.  Jesus is occasionally referenced.


Notice in this comment thread, there was ONE person that offered to actually help.  And this isn’t the only example.  Long threads of people offering “thoughts and prayers”, and one single person offering good advice or offering real help, has become part of an entire meme genre titled “Spot the Atheist”.  Go ahead and google it.

Here’s another:


Check out Jacob with his completely useful advice!  If he hadn’t chimed in, Mr…

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