I don’t give a flying fig what you think …

I have to say I fucking agree. I said all during the campaign that they were working together to elect HER & that’s why she was campaigning at 50% or less. Yeah, she won the popular vote but if she had actually WORKED to get votes in, say, the Rust-Belt States, maybe we wouldn’t have this shit-storm right now.

& just maybe if the DNC had some balls & hadn’t hamstrung Bernie Sanders, we’d have President Sanders in the White House right now. Ya know, maybe another set of problems but it wouldn’t be this load of crapola EVERY FUCKING DAY.

Homeless on the High Desert

Fuck you and your belittling, condescending denigrating unicorn-shit.

The weasel democrats are as complicit in Our Tea Pot Dictator’s utter rending of the social fabric as the retards. Had you smug assholes not chosen to disregard the tens of millions of voices yelling from the tops of their lungs DON’T DO IT! and run a candidate because “it’s her turn” that couldn’t beat the friend of the family who was actively campaigning to get her elected we wouldn’t be in this situation. If you hadn’t run Clinton, Trump wouldn’t have made it past the first debate, if he were in it at all. You are equally responsible. I stand by that.

You keep talkin’ shit to me and I will beat your ass as readily as a republican’s.

You are all a clear and present danger to my grandchildren’s future.


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