Defining ‘Violence’; or, why liberal feminism is full of shit



by Anonymous

Last week the feminist philosophy journal Hypatia published an article by Rebecca Tuvel, assistant professor of philosophy at Rhodes College in America. It has caused quite a stir. In her paper, Tuvel asks (not unreasonably) why the popular response to “unapologetic race-faker” Rachel Dolezal has been so negative, while “Woman Of The Year” Caitlyn Jenner has been lauded by the liberal-left. Beginning with the premise that transgenderism is utterly excellent (not a good place to start, but hey ho), Tuvel suggests that since the criticisms levelled against Dolezal could just as easily be levelled against Jenner, we should accept the right of individuals to adopt a ‘transracial’ identity. In other words, maybe Rachel Dolezal is black!

It hasn’t gone down well on social media. Tuvel has received a great deal of hate mail and Hypatia have since apologised for publishing the piece, describing the vitriolic response…

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