Someone Is Doing Witchcraft Wrong!

I couldn’t have said it better !



  • Everybody!  Trump’s tweets about Issue X are just a distraction!  We need to focus on Issue Y!  Eyes on the prize!
  • Please!  Don’t have a demonstration!  Demonstrations are not useful anymore.  The press won’t cover it and it will just give Trump’s people an opportunity for violence.
  • Hey!  Trump’s tweets aren’t a distraction; his tweets are the issue.  We need to counter them.
  • You can’t call it a “Women’s March!”  That will make men feel unwelcome.  Also, you are not doing enough to include Group Z!
  • You shouldn’t hit Nazis.  That will make people think we’re violent and against free speech.
  • Don’t knit silly pink pussy cat hats!  That takes away from the seriousness of the Resistance.  It’s too girly.
  • Town Halls aren’t the answer; we need to elect Candidate A to the DNC!
  • Hey!  Everybody!  Everyone needs to quit telling other people what not to do to resist Trump!…

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