A dickwad said what?

I was dismayed to see one of my favorite feminist writers write a blog post that this piece of scum “didn’t deserve to be taken down in this way”. Apparently because he was the victim of childhood abuse, apparently at the hands of Catholic priests. Oh boo hoo. Lots of people (including myself) have been the victim of childhood sexual abuse & they don’t advocate sexual abusing children & they aren’t assholes in every other department of their lives. This dude could have been fighting the GOOD FIGHT but he CHOSE NOT TO. I’m glad he went down & anyway it happened is JUST FINE with me. Hope he’s gone for good but I kinda doubt it. These jerks have a way of getting recycled.

Stick It!...To the Patriarchy

I hate that I am expending time and energy on the latest (and hopefully last) controversy generated by a person who gets way more attention than a garden-variety bully with an acute case of potty-mouth like him deserves.

And yet it sickens me to see not only the usual apologists for predatory male sexuality, but people who should know better, defending this shitsack.

So yeah yeah, the right was totally fine with his ongoing, virulent misogyny, racism, and other sickening trolling for attention. Honestly, is it news to anyone on the left that conservatives are overwhelmingly misogynist and racist? If it is, y’all have seriously not been paying attention. But now that they have dumped his sorry ass, you’re mad at them for taking issue with support for pedophilia? It’s a low bar, sure, but honestly I was relieved to see they had one.

Dickwad claims he was…

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