Lean Left

Sorry folks, but I have reached my limit.  I am sick and tired of veterans being used as pawns for political gain and/or hate and bigotry.  Veterans are not pawns.  We are people with feelings.  We chose to serve our country.

We do not ask for special favors.  We do not seek special treatment.  We do not want anything except what was promised to us.  That is the very basic thing about being a veteran.  After our service, we did what we could, just like everyone else to support our families.

Yes, many of us do have “special needs” that require us to seek assistance.  Some of us were wounded in battle.  Some of us were wounded in saving lives.  Some of us suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Some of us suffer from injuries caused by our jobs.

For the most part, you will not hear veterans complain about their problems. …

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