When A Woman Has To Do…


1wicked fk tired…what a woman sometimes has to do, in Ireland, she goes to jail.  How dare a woman determine that she should be in control of her body and does not want to have a child?  I just love how Ted Cruz(ing the edges of rationality) says the “people” should decide on abortion at the ballot box.  What that really means is that he hopes male voters who think women (who shouldn’t get a say over their own reproductive lives) will be outnumbered by men who “know better”.  I love how the men who don’t risk their bodies, their families, their futures bearing children call themselves “pro-life.”

Let me be clear.  I got pregnant from a hot look in spite of every temporary birth control measure I tried.  I’ve had seven or eight pregnancies.  I miscarried at least(spontaneously aborted being the medical term) three times.  I have three children…

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