The ‘Bern’ kept us warm


I arrived at Alumni Arena at 5:26 p.m. There already was well over 1000 people outside and the line had stretched into the distance past eye sight. There were students not just from UB but from every college in WNY. This being said the students weren’t alone because in attendance was families, union workers, teachers, and veterans. They lined up all the way from the front of Alumni Arena to the back near the far end zone.


The wait in the line was purgatory. The rain at one point was sideways and the wind was constant. To make matters worse after a certain point in the line people couldn’t bring their umbrellas or backpacks for security reasons. Still that didn’t break the people’s spirit.
“I could sleep out here if it means I get to see Bernie speak.” Said Dana Ughetta, an elementary teacher standing with her daughter.
The line…

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