Pictures of real estate or food are not pornography

Purple Sage

The word “porn” is starting to be used in casual conversation in reference to photos of everyday things we like to look at. In particular, I’ve heard “food porn” and “real estate porn,” and even “skyline porn.” This is not an acceptable use of the word porn. Pornography means “the graphic depiction of whores,” where “whores” means women who are treated as being only good enough for being repeatedly raped. Pornography happens to real women and girls; it is the documentation of sexual abuse sold as public entertainment. Photographs of sexual abuse are in no way comparable to photographs of ordinary things like food or houses.

The reason people will call a particularly enticing photograph of delicious food “porn” is because porn is entirely normalized and we don’t think of it as anything serious. We think of porn as being just images of beautiful women, no harm done. We don’t…

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